5 Reasons To Care About Your Armpits

5 Reasons To Care About Your Armpits

How often do you think about your armpits? And when did you last pay attention to what’s in your bottle of deodorant? While armpits may not be the first thing on your mind when it comes to living healthier or taking care of your skin, we’re here to tell you that you should sweat the small stuff when it comes to these forgotten-about body parts. It’s the whole reason we added Natural Roll-on Deodorants to our range, making them aluminium-free and as gentle as possible to avoid that dreaded deodorant rash whilst still preventing smelly armpits. Here are the five reasons we care so much about underarms, and why you should too:

1. Epic Sweat Gland Parties

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Did you know that each of your armpits houses approximately 20 to 40 thousand sweat glands? That's right – there’s an epic, hot, and sweaty house party happening right now under your arms every day! Why do we need to celebrate this? Keep reading to see how important these little guys are. 


2. Armpits & Lymphatic Drainage

Armpits are rich in lymph nodes, and they serve as major sites for lymphatic drainage from the upper body, including the arms, breast tissue, and surrounding areas. This drainage system helps transport lymphatic fluid containing immune cells, waste products, and antigens toward the lymph nodes. So basically, your armpits are responsible for taking the trash out - and no one likes it when the bin starts getting blocked up!


3. Immune Cell Activation in Armpits

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As lymphatic fluid flows through the lymph nodes in the armpits, immune cells, such as lymphocytes and macrophages, become activated. These cells are crucial in identifying and attacking pathogens, viruses, and abnormal cells, contributing to the body's defence against infections and diseases. We don’t want to mess with that!


4. Your Armpits Filter Out Harmful Substances

The lymph nodes in your armpits act as powerful filters, trapping and neutralising harmful substances carried by the lymphatic fluid. This process is essential for preventing the spread of infections and ensuring that the immune system can mount a targeted response to threats. Another reason we want to be careful about what deodorant we’re using every single day!


5. Your Deodorant Could Be Causing Chaos

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Traditional deodorants, antiperspirant sprays, and roll-ons can be a chemical battleground filled with aluminium, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. The average deodorising or antiperspirant product contains about nine different synthetic chemicals that are on our watchlist to stay clear of. Make peace with your underarms and help them keep doing their good work by switching to natural alternatives. We formulated a range of effective, natural, and aluminium-free Roll-on Deodorants that are kind to all skin types (even the most sensitive), genders, and ages.


What causes smelly armpits? How does a Natural Deodorant work?

Did you know that the reason your armpits get smelly isn’t because of the sweat itself, but the bacteria that breaks down once it’s on your skin? Our Roll-on Deodorants work with the power of Magnesium, which neutralises bacteria and therefore neutralises the odour. There's no need to smell like a hippy gift shop in Byron Bay! We just use three subtle phthalate-free fragrances to give you some options, none of which will dominate the nostrils of all the people you cross paths with in your daily activities. 

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