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A Little Note: We have had to hide some parts of some the emails, letters and Facebook posts sent to us by customers in order to comply with rules regarding Therapeutic Products. Therapeutic Products should not imply a miraculous cure or raise unrealistic expectations. Our therapeutic products are simply natural products designed for the symptomatic relief of Eczema and Psoriasis and sensitive skin. All MooGoo’s products are designed to keep the skin moist, supple and using high quality, natural ingredients.

We are proud that they have worked for many people, but everyone's skin is different. What works for one person may not work for another. The emails below may help you decide if our products are something you would like to try or if you need something different. For all skin problems, your doctor is the best source of information and lots of our customers find blogs and forums informative too.

Thanks to everyone who has written, it is a great way to start the day when someone writes..


Hi Moogoo team,

Just wanted to let you know how much I love your acne cleansing cream.

I've tried everything over many, many years to manage my acne and it's cost me thousands and thousands of dollars, without any real or lasting results.

I'm in my mid-30s and for the first time in my life, I've found something that actually works and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Thank you for all the research you've done and for bringing this wonderful cream to the market to help people like me - it really works and I love it!!

I have been using it for 5 months now and couldn't live without it. My face is acne free bar from a few hormonal spots at that time of the month. My skin is now also smooth and supple and just looks more radiant, if I do say so myself ;)

I recently had a facial and the consultant complemented me on my skin - usually they're telling me what's wrong with it and how many of their expensive products I should be buying to fix it.

I've saved so much money as well as saving my skin from all those harsher products that are marketed well but don't actually work and bring lasting effects.

So again, thank you! I can't tell you enough how happy I am with the cream and of course, the price, and also how much of a difference you have made to my life.

I now walk out the door without any make-up because for the first time, I feel confident with my clear skin and am less self-conscious. So you've also saved me a heap on make-up I used to buy trying to cover up my bad skin. And no more wasting time in front of the mirror putting on myriad lotions and potions and make-up. (I'm happy for you to use this as a testimonial but only using my first name).

Kind regards,

Maria, NSW



I recently received 25 Radiotherapy Treatments for Breast Cancer at a Radiotherapy Clinic and prior to commencing treatment I was advised by a MooGoo representative to commence using their Skin Milk Udder Cream daily. In comparison to other patients at the centre receiving the same amount of treatments I had no skin breakage. Radiologists, Nurses and an Oncologist working at the clinic questioned what cream I was using as they could see an extreme difference in the appearance of my skin when compared to other patients.

The warmest thanks to MooGoo who made my cancer journey easier.

Susan, VIC Australia


I just wanted to say thank you for your anti-ageing cream.

I have worked in the cosmetics trade for over 10 years both in retail and manufacturing and I have never found a product so effective and non-allergenic.

I am really hard to please and always scour ingredients for nasty s! My skin is super sensitive and tends to react either instantly or after a couple of weeks of use.

With your cream I've had a noticeable reduction in fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead....and no reaction after 2 months of use. It also feels beautiful on the skin.

Well done Moo Goo! I'm just ordering more of your products now!!!

Billie, NSW


I am only a teenager, but I have been using your products on and off for a few years now! I love them to bits. Lately I have decided to take a very natural approach for the New Year. For the past few weeks I haven't been using shampoo or conditioner due to the harmful chemicals that are used, instead I have been using bi-carb soda and water (I know, it's slightly crazy!)

I have always noticed the difference between your products and the competition's. Everything about your products is AMAZING! So, I was just doing some research on the chemicals used in skin and hair care products and I decided to look at your website. I love your sense of humour! It is fantastic to see! And the cherry on top is that you are Australian!!! It makes me feel more knowing or more secure that you have a full ingredients list for every product. It shows to me, as a customer, that you have nothing to hide. Many people would agree that if you pay a lot of something you hope that it will be good and will work. Your products are so much cheaper then others and definitely work and aren't harmful!

I was talking to Dad about it. We came to the conclusion that it is a sad world; companies are putting damaging chemicals in their products so that more is consumed to "improve the problem". So effectively their sales go up. Dad was surprised about how open you were to everything. I am just so happy that there are people out there trying to do the right thing!

I live on an organic grain farm north east of Emerald in Queensland, so there should be no excuse to start being more natural, going green (hopefully not too the extent of Shrek!). Even though I am 16, I have become very cynical just from what I have seen as a child. Mainly from the surrounding mines that have wanted to take our farm out of our grasp but haven’t gotten there yet and hopefully wont. Somehow, Mum and Dad haven't given in. But this attitude from the mines has seemed to become a culture- money, greed and selfishness. I am not an expert but I no farmers have no rights. Just the mere thought of loosing "Kevricia" (our farm) makes me feel as if my heart will break into two. Then, you stumble upon harmful chemicals that they put into products that you put on your skin! What is this world coming to! Somehow you guys have given me hope. Hope that something will change, that there are good people out there who aren't self-righteous. Who actually care!

I just do not know what to say to be perfectly honest, that's probably why this email is a bit of a mess. All I can say is that I hold you guys in the highest possible respect. From your story it seems that you have stumbled upon natural products that actually do work and are affordable! I am here if you would like my opinion on anything and I would be more than happy to help. It would mean so much to me to see your business flourish even more! I can't say anything bad about Moogoo. I did want to leave an idea for a new product through but I don't really how I can try and help you improve. Maybe an exfoliating cream? I have lots of faith that you guys will figure something out.

After all of that I have found a few words, which still can't explain my happiness and feeling. But I will give it a go! Thank-you so much for everything- your attitude, your products, your cows. Please keep up the amazing work.

All the best for the New Year!

Hannah, QLD


Thank you so much! We received your package - Samuel James was born on the 10th January and on the 14th January he had his open heart surgery and thankfully it all went well. He came home with us on the 24th January. After his baths I have been putting the Skin Milk Udder Cream on & he really enjoys it - I think being in the air con in the hospital really dried out his skin so he loves it - plus he smells so good afterwards too ;-) He loves his wee MooGoo Cow as well - so very sweet!


Thanks again so very, very much!

Louise, NSW


I just wanted to say thank you for your anti-ageing cream.

I have worked in the cosmetics trade for over 10 years both in retail and manufacturing and I have never found a product so effective and non-allergenic.

I am really hard to please and always scour ingredients for nasty s! My skin is super sensitive and tends to react either instantly or after a couple of weeks of use.

With your cream I've had a noticeable reduction in fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead....and no reaction after 2 months of use. It also feels beautiful on the skin.

Well done Moo Goo! I'm just ordering more of your products now!!!

Billie, NSW


I am only a teenager, but I have been using your products on and off for a few years now! I love them to bits. Lately I have decided to take a very natural approach for the New Year. For the past few weeks I haven't been using shampoo or conditioner due to the harmful chemicals that are used, instead I have been using bi-carb soda and water (I know, it's slightly crazy!)

I have always noticed the difference between your products and the competition's. Everything about your products is AMAZING! So, I was just doing some research on the chemicals used in skin and hair care products and I decided to look at your website. I love your sense of humour! It is fantastic to see! And the cherry on top is that you are Australian!!! It makes me feel more knowing or more secure that you have a full ingredients list for every product. It shows to me, as a customer, that you have nothing to hide. Many people would agree that if you pay a lot of something you hope that it will be good and will work. Your products are so much cheaper then others and definitely work and aren't harmful!

I was talking to Dad about it. We came to the conclusion that it is a sad world; companies are putting damaging chemicals in their products so that more is consumed to "improve the problem". So effectively their sales go up. Dad was surprised about how open you were to everything. I am just so happy that there are people out there trying to do the right thing!

I live on an organic grain farm north east of Emerald in Queensland, so there should be no excuse to start being more natural, going green (hopefully not too the extent of Shrek!). Even though I am 16, I have become very cynical just from what I have seen as a child. Mainly from the surrounding mines that have wanted to take our farm out of our grasp but haven’t gotten there yet and hopefully wont. Somehow, Mum and Dad haven't given in. But this attitude from the mines has seemed to become a culture- money, greed and selfishness. I am not an expert but I no farmers have no rights. Just the mere thought of loosing "Kevricia" (our farm) makes me feel as if my heart will break into two. Then, you stumble upon harmful chemicals that they put into products that you put on your skin! What is this world coming to! Somehow you guys have given me hope. Hope that something will change, that there are good people out there who aren't self-righteous. Who actually care!

I just do not know what to say to be perfectly honest, that's probably why this email is a bit of a mess. All I can say is that I hold you guys in the highest possible respect. From your story it seems that you have stumbled upon natural products that actually do work and are affordable! I am here if you would like my opinion on anything and I would be more than happy to help. It would mean so much to me to see your business flourish even more! I can't say anything bad about Moogoo. I did want to leave an idea for a new product through but I don't really how I can try and help you improve. Maybe an exfoliating cream? I have lots of faith that you guys will figure something out.

After all of that I have found a few words, which still can't explain my happiness and feeling. But I will give it a go! Thank-you so much for everything- your attitude, your products, your cows. Please keep up the amazing work.

All the best for the New Year!

Hannah, QLD


Thank you so much! We received your package - Samuel James was born on the 10th January and on the 14th January he had his open heart surgery and thankfully it all went well. He came home with us on the 24th January. After his baths I have been putting the Skin Milk Udder Cream on & he really enjoys it - I think being in the air con in the hospital really dried out his skin so he loves it - plus he smells so good afterwards too ;-) He loves his wee MooGoo Cow as well - so very sweet!


Thanks again so very, very much!

Louise, NSW


When I decided that I wanted to start using all natural products that are better for me and the environment, I tested a few brands and none seemed to work. They all left my skin and my hair very dry. Then I discovered Moo Goo. I use everything from shampoo and conditioner to the Organic Rose Hip Oil. The Oil Cleansing Method cleanser is incredible! It’s so effective and moisturising and almost eliminates the need for me to exfoliate. Usually I need to exfoliate twice a day, but not with the oil cleanser. So not only do the products work, they’re so affordable and most importantly Moo Goo are so ethical and I love knowing I’m supporting a fantastic company with its heart in the right place.

Susan, QLD


I wanted to thank you for your kindness and help… such wonderful customer service is uncommon these days.

Your products are also really wonderful, I can see why everyone on your website is raving about them… the milk wash has just saved my life (well, my eczema at least…) and I just bought the shampoo and conditioner the other day and they are so beautiful. I have hideous eczema that started end of last year and has been progressively getting worse, but is now getting better thanks to your products. I can’t tell you what a relief that is, especially the large patch on my hand which is actually quite embarrassing when I’m dealing with patients (I’m an Audiometrist) I could see them staring at it and had resorted to wearing gloves.

It’s also nice not to have a bright red face after every shower, I just thought the post-shower red face was normal. I have used HUNDREDS of products: natural, organic, chemical, high-end, low-end, you-name-it-I’ve-tried-it!! (yes, slightly obsessed) so imagine my delight at no red face thanks to the milk wash this last week! Honestly, in my whole life this is the ONLY time I have left the bathroom after a shower without a RED face. My skin is soft…sigh…I feel like I finally finished my search for the perfect products!

It’s nice to have only 3 products in my shower too, it just goes to show all the “bull” (hehe, sorry) us ladies are fed about how we need all these complicated products and routines to look after our skin, when all we really need are simple, quality, gentle products like yours.

Oh, and I have a suggestion for a product: that fragrance in the milk wash and shampoo, it’s like a really delicate milky honey smell… oh its divine… if you bottled it and sold it as a perfume I would buy it in a heartbeat!

Anyway, enough raving… thanks again for the great service and I can’t wait to try the creams you have sent me (and all the rest of your products!).

Kind regards,

Jodie, NSW


Hey MooGoo

I ordered a few products off you guys last week and they arrived all safe and sound yesterday so thank you for that. I also want to say thanks for the extra things you put in the box.. :) Didn't expect anything like that so it was a wonderful surprise for me.

One last thing I really want to thank you for, but this one is a long one.. I really really really want to thank you for making such awesome products. I came across Moo Goo a few months ago through my partner who was searching for Psoriasis creams for me. I have had pretty bad psoriasis on my head. (From MooGoo..Perhaps likely this was not Psoriasis but a different condition) Its not the worse case I have seen but there was a point where my skin was so tight around my head I was suffering from major headaches. It was like having a hat on that was 2 sizes too small. This made me quite because of the look of it as well. It was like I had been burnt around my head, it just wasn't nice. I had been to the doctors numerous times and they had given me lots of cures that came in a tiny bottle that set me back $30 a pop and only got rid of the problem for a week before it came back between rest periods. Mostly it would come back worse than ever and I would have to wait out 2 weeks before being able to use it again. I also tried other companies natural and un natural crams that were claimed to get rid of the problem as well, with limited success though. After a month it would be all back again..

This is where your Eczema & Psoriasis Balm comes in. One week of morning and night applications and it was close to 70% gone. After another week (and being a little more lazy with the applications) it was 99.99% gone. That was around a month ago and its still gone from the top of my forehead. I can still see some redness there, but I feel that may be damaged skin rather than anything else, since it was fairly aggressive and I admit it, I did scratch it..... A..... LOT... I knew it was bad but it itched and hurt there anything was worth a try. At the same time I also picked up some Full cream, MSM Smoothing, Acne Cream and 2 of the most yummiest lip balms ever, The Edible Strawberry Lip Balm and the Tingling Honey Lips Balm. I got all this at my local Health Food shop, but only then I realised you guys had a Online store so I've been hanging out to buy more.. Its also a good excuse for a birthday present to myself :)

Your Acne Cleansing Cream... I have to admit I was doubtful that it could clear up my skin... How I was wrong. It hasn't made my skin like it was when I was 10 (can't fix what has been done in the past) but it has been able to control the way my skin is. I don't have massive break outs anymore and its more even in tone, although that might be because its not covered in acne anymore as well. Its nice and soft to touch and I can now feel confident wearing minimal makeup when I go out. No amount of scrubbing and products were able to control it. I even went as far as trying the Pro Active stuff with no results at all. It just burn and felt horrible. I'm just so happy about how it works, and the best bit it is natural :)

I use the MSM Smoothing Cream on my legs after I've shaved the night before. Since they get super dry, I find its able to make them nice and moisturised again between shaving. It also has a smell that I like. I also use the Full cream on my arms and hands to keep them nice and soft. I am a mechanic by trade but I don't work on cars as much anymore after hurting my shoulder a few years back. So I've always had dry hands due to the wonderful chemicals used, I find the full cram is great for bringing back some moisture and making my hands feel nice and soft again :)

I really can't thank all of you enough. I've been searching for years for not a cure, because those don't exist but something to control what I have. Your products have been something I've searched and for a long time to find me. Because of your products I've been able to control my skin and my partner is more grateful than me as he has seen a side of me that disappeared when my psoriasis got super bad. I run around my house showing off my "new" skin and he always has a big smile. So Thank you soo much from the bottom of my heart.

I've attached some photos of the skin around my head before and after (as of today anyway). Its come a long way from what it was, the day I took the before photos was one of my more good days, it had previously been worse but I never got photos of it.

Again I really want to say my deepest thanks to all the wonderful Moo Goo people. Without you guys, I would still probably be annoyed and frustrated at my skin and doctors who love giving out anything they can make a dollar on.

Thanks Moo goo and I can't wait for the next time I'm low on products... Always love getting good things in the mail.

Kind regards
Jara, Victoria




My How Now Brown Cow arrived on Monday. I couldn't wait to try it and I certainly wasn't disappointed. The colour that developed was a gorgeous brown, not a hint of orange to be seen. I decided to try it for a couple of days just to make sure I wasn't mistaken. I used it daily for three days and the colour that ha developed is as good, if not better than the spray tabs I usually have. There has been on significant difference between a spray tab and my How Now Brown Cow....my skin isn't dry. It's still soft and moisturised. Normally a few days after my spray tan I begin to go patchy because my skin is so dry. This hasn't happened yet. Im still showing a lovely tan. My fiancé has even commented on the colour that's developed.

Laura, VIC


Hi MooGoo :)

This morning I woke to a pretty miserable day weather wise in Melbourne but my day got a little brighter (yes this is a tad cheesy) when the delivery man came to the door just in time for Mother's Day with my MooGoo delivery.

I had asked for a gift box to go with my goodies because I'd purchased a lot of them for my Grandma and I just wanted to thank you guys so much for not only giving me one but also putting the beautiful ribbon on it!! It looks wonderful and she is going to love it. I'm hoping to make a MooGoo addict out of her too. You guys always do such an excellent job at exceeding my expectations (and evidently a lot of other people's too given your positive feedback record) and I just wanted to send a quick email of thanks - your company honestly has some of the best products that have saved my skin in a lot of aspects and, in my opinion, the best customer service out there that I've ever experienced.

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and a happy Mother's Day on Sunday to any MooGoo mums :)




Thank you SO much for the eczema and psoriasis cream and other samples you sent (thank you Candice also for your great advice on the phone). I have only used the cream a couple of times on my little 14 month old son but the difference in his skin in a day and a half is unbelievable! I absolutely love your products and can't believe the quality (they are the ultimate in skin luxury) for the price. This the first time I have tried the speciality creams and I am so impressed. You have the best customer service of any company I have dealt with and I can't thank you enough. Looking forward to trying the breastfeeding balm next.

Thanks again, Julia



At 3 months old, my son first started suffering eczema. By 6 months old it became very apparent that he had also developed severe psoriasis plagues. The worst two plaques were on the top of his feetwrapping around to the back of his ankle. As he grew and started walking, if he ever wore any shoes or fitted trousers the plagues would chafe and bleed. To elaborate, he has eczema from his eyes to his toes. If you felt him he feltlike sandpaper and you would be covered in dry skin when dressing him. It was terrible and extremely uncomfortable for him.

From first diagnosis we started using , vaseline style ointments and moisturisers. We would apply every day, up to 3 times a day. On Thursday we saw the Pediatrician who referred us to the Specialist Dermatologist. He advised that we should settle in to a long standing relationship with the Dermatologist. Four days ago a girlfriend put me on to yourproduct. We started using it after his bath that night and have applied it morning and night for 3 days. It absolutely blows my mind to see the vast improvements each day on the previous day. His whole demeanor has lifted tocheerful, happy and he is playing very happily on his own for the first time... ever! I write this to you in an attempt to thank you from the bottom of my heart for developing this product and bringing it to the market. There truly aren't enough words to express my deep gratitude to you for helping my son. If youever have a moment where you wonder why you put up with the stresses of running a business, please read this letter and know that you are impacting peopleslives in such a positive way. Thank you, I am now off to purchase more products as I suffer psoriasis and can't wait to start using your shampoo. xx AmandaGreenwood



Hi There,

When a product doesn’t work or doesn’t live up to our expectations people are normally quick to complain, but so often we forget to speak up when a product does exactly what we need it to. I first got on to your products when I was looking for something to bring relief to my boyfriend’s itchy, peeling skin down his arms and your Eczema and Psoriasis cream quickly worked and provided the much needed relief he needed.

Recently I have been diagnosed with Polycystics ovarian syndrome. A side effect of this can sometimes be dry and peeling skin on the hands and this has been extremely sore and irritating, however for 4 days I have been using your Udder Cream, skin milk and I can already see some results. so i want to take the opportunity to say thank you for your products

Happy customer :)


I didn't have a chance to email over Christmas/New Year, but I'm absolutely in love with MooGoo products! They're amazing! In the last year I lost a lot of my hair, and after countless trips to the doctor and tests they couldn't find the source of the problem. One doctor even suggested massaging in mineral oil, which seemed to make it worse. The shampoo and conditioner makes my hair feel so clean, my scalp is no longer irritated and my hair looks and feels great. I've also experienced considerably minimal shedding, meaning it's really working, I was pulling out clumps and clumps just a month ago. Thank you again for being so great about the postal mishap; I'm definitely a converted and loyal MooGoo customer for life!

Kind Regards,


I am not sure how you did it but I had to thank you. I was put onto your Eczema and Psoriasis Balm by my local pharmacy assistant in Brisbane. I have had psoriasis for 15 years or so and nothing and I mean nothing has cleared my psoriasis, especially on my scalp. I usually roll my eyes at natural treatments (tried so many) but luckily I gave your balm a go and my scalp is the best it has been since I was first affected by this cursed disease-feeling my soft clear scalp is beyond wonderful. I am using the balm on my body as well and there is an amazing improvement there too! I have not got the words to adequately express my gratitude. Thank you and Bless you MooGoo !



I'd tried everything to fix my red, pimply and dry facial skin - including $30 French spring water in a can.

Nothing worked - until I discovered your glorious MSM cream! My skin is soft, the redness is almost gone & I have no more tightness.

2 days after I used the MSM cream I bought the shampoo, conditioner, milk wash and deodorant. I've started telling everyone I know. I'm hooked for life!

Thanks so much
Sara x


This is more of a success story than an enquiry. I've recently been getting itchy eyes and then a rash underneath them that turns into dry, wrinkly, deep cracks. I also get very itchy legs after shaving- I could scratch them all day. Recently I was in a chemist and was drawn to MooGoo- just the udder cream. I purchased it in desperation, and I liked the ingredients listed. Now my eye rash hasn't returned and my legs immediately feel better after applying the cream. My skin tone looks even and feels moisturised too. I just love this cream! I am so thankful that your company brought out this range. I will be raving to my friends about it. My boyfriend also gets itchy skin and it helps him too!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic products from the hair products to the skin balm and full cream are working miracles on my psoriasis. I have been singing its praises to anyone who will listen and my friends who also suffer have been to your site and purchased various items so a big thank you and hoping someone in the uk will realise how good your product is and stock it soon.

Claire, Essex, UKM


You asked for reviews of the Acne cleansing cream, and I couldn't be more happy to give you one, especially as I have now truly tested it's out! I am 25 have suffered from oily combination/sensitive/pimply skin since turning 15, it has changed slightly and in the last few years; it only breaks out around my neck/jaw line. regardless, it has been frustrating and I am very self-conscious about it. I have never worn much make up (actually only mascara) because it always seems to irritate my skin further. I really wanted to only use an natural as possible products on my skin and when I found MooGoo I was over the moon!

I started out using the oil cleanser and skin milk udder cream - my skin certainly settled down, became less oily and balanced out, however the break outs continued. Then the acne cleansing cream came out. I decided after doing some reading to try goats milk soap on my face and the acne cleanser twice daily. What a change that made!!!! My skin basically cleared up completely, the goats milk soap (yours of course its the only nice one on the market!) does tend to take some of the natural oils off my skin, however it is so much clearer then it has ever been and my skin seems to react so positively I don't want to change anything.

A little while ago I ran out of acne cleanser and due to financial circumstances at the time I couldn't buy any more, so I continued using the skin milk udder cream and goats milk soap twice a day. My skin wasn't great, it started breaking out again and it wasn't as settled. Just 2 weeks ago I made an order to MooGoo for more acne cleanser, after 2 weeks use my skin has cleared up again and feels great - I can now wear make up with no problems and feel so much more confident when I am out knowing my skin is balanced once more. I now only have small break outs when my hormones get a little rocky, which I know will only last a couple of days. My skin reflects how I am feeling inside; it has been a very stressful year for me, and without my MooGoo my skin would have been a mess. I can not thank you enough for such wonderful products, they have changed my life (in a totally non religious kind of way ;) ) While my skin has cleared up, it also feels great, the scarring has faded and it is permanently soft and clean to touch, you don't get that feeling from commercial cleaning products. 

While I am in praise mode, I also decided to try out the new strawberry lip balm, I already use tingling honey lips and love it, the strawberry one is delicious and gives my lips that little extra rosy colour/glow. LOVE. My partner a sceptic of most things absolutely LOVES the full cream, he uses it on everything and I daren't let the pot get empty. I also gave one to his mother for Christmas, it seems we are converting the whole family. 

I am so grateful to you all for creating a product that is not only good for our skin and bodies, conscious of the environment and our footprint, but also really WORKS! Now for your tinted moisturiser?!?!?!? I can not wait!!! 

Thanks again, I am eternally grateful.


I would like to thank the makers of Moo Goo for making my daughter, who has suffered from eczema since infancy, finally happy with her skin. Since using the balm and soothing cream she has become more confident that her days of hiding her condition under clothing and are coming to an end. She is finally beginning to see the beautiful young woman I have always seen and loved. My heart has been so shattered for her so many times, that even writing this email is bringing me close to tears, but instead of tears of frustration at not being able to help her despite many many many They are tears of relief and joy!



MooGoo Udder Cream T H A N K Y O U for your wonderful, healing properties. You are smooth and mositurising to the skin, subtle, soft and absorbent. A big cream that's in-expensive, lasts and loaded with goodness!

After 6 weeks of radiation I can proudly say that my skin has remained 'above average' with no breaking or cracking even in the worst of it all. I applied MooGoo Udder cream three times daily and not once did I suffer from some of the other terrible side affects that radiation can have, like severe blistering.

I was suggested to use this cream by one of my chemo nurses. She had said a study had been done on what worked best for ladies undergoing radiation following breast cancer. MooGoo had the best results above any other product including Vitamin E creams and Aloe Vera.

In the process of using the Udder cream daily, I also discovered the benefits of applying it to my face. Amazing for there as well! (This cream is the best!)

I made sure I raved about how great this cream is to my Radiation Oncologist so he too can spread the word.

Thanks MooGoo, you rock!
Ra - 33


I would like to let you know that I have just washed my hair and used your Conditioner for the very first time.

My hair went like straw after colouring it a few months ago.  I have been at my wits end, desperate to find something to make it soft again.  My regime has been Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner, followed by Moroccan oil conditioning treatment that I left in for an hour - after every wash. Then after rinsing that off I sprayed with two detangling sprays from Hairhouse Warehouse, rubbed in a teaspoon of Moroccan oil, sprayed on Moroccan oil spray and a Restructuring spray, This was my regime after ever wash - and cost me a fortune.  I was desperate as this only helped my hair about 50% and I would still spend ages trying to get a brush through all the tangled straw.  I decided to go and find another product that may be better - I was willing to go through every product until something worked.

I happened to be in the health shop and saw your product.  I was hesitating - do I give this a try - or go over to the supermarket and try something from a leading hair company.  After standing around picking it up and putting it down several times, I decided to take it.

Well I have literally just finished washing my hair half an hour ago and I purposely only used my regular shampoo and then your conditioner - and skipped the rest of my routine.  Well I nearly cried when I put it on my hair - it was creamy and made my hair feel like soft hair and not straw for the first time since I coloured it.  I towel dried it and when I brushed it the brush went through it twice as easily and in half the time that it usually takes after soaking it with all the other products full of chemicals.

Oh I am a fan, I'm so excited I'm going back to get the shampoo and the conditioner for myself and my daughter who has the same problem.  And I'm buying all your products for her baby that she is having in January.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for turning my straw hair into soft hair again and saving me from all those chemicals.

Yours for life


No enquiry, more a comment and a huge thank you.

I purchased your "Udder Cream" yesterday after spending two months on for eczema under and around my eyes including my eyelids and I awoke this morning after only one application to find improvement. It is I cannot believe how well it has worked and I am extremely happy and ever so grateful to have landed my hands on a product such as yours.

Many many thanks.
Louise :-)


Hi Moogoo,

Thank you so much for your email! And i have started using my new acne cleanser and it is working GREAT ! i was stunned , i have now becoming so much more

self-confident at school and with taking pictures with my friends , and it hasn’t stung or made my face peel like all the other stuff i have used!

It has made an extreme difference in my life and i am so happy, Thank you so much! (:

From an extremely happy 12year old
- Sarah x



I am just writing to say how fantastic the Moo Goo shampoo and conditioner are. I had a very bad scalp flaking problem for over 4 years. The dermatologist prescribed some smelly muck to rub into the scalp (messy and made no difference). None of the medicated shampoos really helped at all either. Finally a friend told me about your products and I was stunned that within one week my scalp problem was almost completely fixed. I have since had no problem at all. The speed at which the problem went away was unbelievable...I still find it hard to believe how well it has worked. I am a convert and now use all Moo Goo products (I love that they have a cow on them rather than some ridiculous, air brushed model!!). Thank you Moo Goo!!



Dear team at MooGoo Australia,


I was born with eczema and have never been able to get lasting relief from the many creams and ointments recommended by . I'm turning 20, and yet find it difficult to do simple tasks at times due to my eczema - things like hold the steering wheel of my car, hold my toothbrush to brush my teeth, or have a shower without my open wounds from stinging behind my knees. My hands (and the back of my knees) are often red raw, covered in band-aids at times, and have never, ever 'healed' for more than a day at a time.

I've given up on creams and have decided to try the cheaper, more accessible alternatives available that don't require scripts! AND FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I HAVE FOUND SOMETHING THAT WORKS!

I ordered your eczema cream and received it around 10 days ago, and within hours of opening the box i noticed a difference in my skin. The cream didn't sting, it was instant relief. My hands are healing properly. The skin that is re-growing isn't the thin skin that breaks when you knock it, it's real skin i've never been able to grow over my wounds. Within days my hands were noticeably more moisturised, less inflamed, less itchy, and my hands changed colour. and i'm not the only one thats' noticed! My boyfriend and I have been together for years and he has never seen my skin this good.

My challenge now, is to keep buying enough MooGoo to have it wherever i go! I moisturise with your eczema cream all day, i just adore it, and for the first time in my life, i might be able to enjoy Christmas festivities with my family, eczema !!



Hi Moo Goo,

I would like to thank you for your products. A lady from work is using your products and after talking to her about my skin problems, she gave me a sample of your products.  I was using a product from the health shop which had a lot of different oils and my face was reacting it it, my skin will constantly flake and peel.  I thought it was the food I was eating, didn’t relate it to the products I was using.  As soon as I starting using moo goo, my face cleared up .  I also suffer with itchy & flaky scalp and started using your shampoo and conditioner.  I can’t tell you how excited and happy I am, for the first time in over 10 years my scalp isn’t itchy or flaky.  I can actually last up to 5 to 6 days without washing my hair, I used to wash it every 2nd day.   I love the smell and feel  of your products.

I have already recommended your products to friends and 2 of them are now using Moo Goo also.

Thank you


Hi there, MooGoo!!

I was asked, when I first ordered the Acne Cleansing Cream a few months ago, to review it.  Well, I wanted to give it a decent go before I said anything, and now I feel that I can give you an honest and detailed review.

Firstly, I love the consistency and the smell.  I also really like the packaging; it makes it super easy to get just the right amount out.  The first month that I used this, my skin cleared up dramatically!  I was so pleased, but the month after that, my acne took a turn for the worse again.  At this point, I was using the cream to replace my previous benzyl peroxide based cream, and in conjunction with salicylic acid based cleansers both morning and night.  On a whim, I took a one week break from all salicylic acid based cleansers and spot treatments, something I haven't done in at least 5 years!, and what do you know, I suffered no adverse effects so I threw them all out.  That was one month ago, and my skin has never been clearer.  I still have one or two spots most of the time, but concealer covers them right up, it's great!  I have been converted, and now only use natural products or products especially formulated for sensitive skin.

I guess, after all of that, what I really wanted to tell you, was thank you.



HI all at MooGoo,

I have recently found your product and would love to say how good it is.  I have just finnished radiation treatment for breast and about half way through treatment it looked like my skin was going to crack which meant the likelihood of pain and infection.  The nurse mentioned MooGoo as an option and within 36 hours the threat of cracking was gone.  My skin is soft and beautiful and even the colouring from the radiation is nearly gone within two weeks.

I have tried umpteen creams and lotions on my difficult, dry and sensitive skin over my lifetime and this is by far the best I have ever used. I am a total convert and am singing the prasies of MooGoo to anyone who will listen.

Thank you for saving my skin


Hello, this is Neil from Sydney. My ill Brother was having horrendous psoriasis/dandruff on his scalp recently. Nothing was helping to get a hold on the situation.

I went to O'Sullivan at West Ryde to purchase some other products and the nice lady there suggested the MooGoo scalp cream.

I purchased the big tub as it is better value and within just three applications...that's right, just three applications, the condition is not only under control but there is actually minimal signs of psoriasis/dandruff. AMAZING!!!

Thank you for developing such a wonderful product. My Brother's illness is itself so debilitating but your cream has helped to remove such a pesky and irritating symptom for him where every little bit of comfort helps.

Best Regards,


Hi MooGoo,

I just wanted to thank you for putting so much time and effort into developing your products. I have tried lots of different creams and moisturisers on my face and most of them have ended up in the bin.

I bought quite a few of your products to try (locally and online) and have been using them for a few weeks now. I have always had very dry skin, and I have had dermatitis on my face and a very itchy & irritated scalp for about 2 years now. I have been having trouble finding products that don’t irritate my skin.

I absolutely love using your milk soap in the shower, my skin feels a lot less dry and itchy just from the soap, and followed up with the skin milk as a body moisturiser it feels wonderful (I will probably need to switch to the full cream in winter).

Unfortunately my face has been a bit more difficult. I tried the oil cleanser but it irritated my skin so I gave it to a friend (who loves using it). I then tried your milk wash and it is so nice to use and doesn’t seem to be irritating my skin.  I was using the full cream when I was trying the oil cleanser, but I switched to the MSM soothing cream when I started using the milk wash. The combination of the two products seems to be working really well. I will try the full cream again soon. I have also bought your anti-aging cream but I haven’t tried it yet, I was waiting for my skin to settle down, so I will also try it soon.

I started using your shampoo and conditioner as well - brilliant stuff - my head feels wonderful!

I have found it is trial and error finding products that work best, so thank you for caring enough about skin problems to put so much effort into developing your products and sharing them with everyone.



Hello good people @ MooGoo, here is another amazing example of how good your products are. At the weekend I spent some time out in the sun at the beach and that night could feel breaking out on my lips. I liberally applied the eczema & psoriasis balm and felt immediate relief, but best of all the next morning, not a sign of ''.....wow is all I can say. Thank you for your excellent products. I use the anti-aging cream every day and can see that some of the dark spots are starting to fade. Can's wait for your eye cream to be released. (BTW, I sent you an email a month or so ago saying that I couldn't sqeeze the eczema balm out of the tube, I was going to return it to you, and took the tube into my local chemist where the young girl removed some clear plastic film from the tube. I had taken off the silver protective tab, but couldn't see the clear plastic film still on there.....felt a bit of a dummy, so glad I hadn't returned the tube to you, would have really felt stupid!!).

Thanks once again for MooGoo,
Regards Bronwyn
ps still can't believe there is no sign of ...amazing


eczema cream for children
( We use edible natural oils in our creams, not Paraffin Oil (Petroleum Oil) used in Sorbolene and many pharmacy creams. But we still don't suggest this as our creams look better than they taste.)

Hi, MooGoo team! I just wanted to tip my hat in your direction for giving me my skin (and confidence) back!

For over a year now, I've been experiencing strange red blotches on my skin. It looked similar to pityriasis rosea, but was . Sometimes it would be barely noticeable, but other times it would be bright red and very ugly. What started as a few small patches slowly grew to monstrous proportions - I had the rash all over my chest, back, shoulders and neck. I was at the point where I didn't even want to date, lest someone be repulsed by my skin.

Enter MooGoo Eczma and Psoriasis cream! I purchased a tube four days ago, and the difference is extraordinary. My skin is CLEAR. I simply can't believe it. The difference after just days is astounding. Thank you so much.

I will be going back to get more of your range this week, as the prospect of inexpensive, effective skincare is simply too good to resist. Keep doing your wonderful work! x

I just wanted to add to the accolades about your products. I am a who specialises in wound care and I am always investigating moisturisers to find the best products for my . I have been really impressed with the Moo Goo range both for my and myself.


Hello MooGoo team,

I was first captivated by the cute packaging and then turned the bottle over to read the ingredients list, as I always do, and was sold. I wash my hands all day long and often get dermatitis breakouts - The MooGoo udder cream has cleared that up nicely and my skin feels silky smooth. I have been recommending the Eczema and Psoriasis cream as well as the general moisturising range to my with venous dermatitis and all have had an excellent response. I have been especially impressed with your use of , which I know has the ability to stimulate tissue repair. Many years ago I used to be a member of the Herb Society of Victoria and I remember the members talking about how comfrey leaves (whose active ingredient is ) were used in china to assist with repair of broken bones (the affected limb would be wrapped in comfrey poultices). The use of makes your moisturising range particularly powerful. I have also been impressed by the reasonable price range. I see other products of this quality sold for 3-4 times the price.

Well done on an amazing effort. I will continue to do my part to ensure your business flourishes. Thank you so much,

Kindest Regards,


Hi Rachel, Jennifer and the Herd,

I received my next batch of products from you yesterday, thank you for posting them so quickly! I just wanted to let you know I am so happy with everything I have gotten so far, I have even convinced my mum to get some stuff as she tried some of the stuff I ordered and she loves it, her skin is really sensitive, a lot more sensitive than mine. My mother has had some run-ins with bad products before, she has had trouble all her life, she once went to get a facial and she informed the staff that she had very sensitive skin and that anything that had perfume in it would make her have a reaction, they used Dermalogica and the next day her face looked burnt. My poor mum had to go to work every day for about a month looking like her face had been severely burnt, she was in tears almost every day because of it. Moogoo seems to be the only product she hasn't had any kind of reaction to. :)

Thank you for sending some of the Eczema & Psoriasis Balm, I used to get really bad Eczema when I was a child - I could only wash myself with oatmeal in a stocking and every time I washed my hair I had to put a towel around my neck as I used to get Eczema around my neck from the products - it made washing a chore, I wish I had some of your products when I was a child! :) Nowadays I only get Eczema very occasionally so when it flares up again I will let you know how the Eczema balm goes :).

This time around when ordering products I decided to try the Skin Milk udder cream instead of the Full Cream as it is getting close to summer and a thinner cream would be more ideal. I have to say I am in love with it, it is one of my favourite products! I keep it next to my desk for my hands as they get very dry, it is just so light and smells wonderful. Next time I think I'll order 10! :)

I also ordered some Acne Cleansing cream as per your advice on facebook, which so far I am very happy with, I've only used it once so far, after my shower but it feels very nice. It melts into your skin but still feels very moisturising. I didn't expect it to be so moisturising as it is an acne cleansing cream.

I also ordered some more of your shampoo and conditioner, I am very happy with it as I was suffering from very damaged hair. I spent all summer last year in the pool and because of the chlorine it really damaged my hair. My hair would get so badly knotted just after a couple of hours, I had to brush my hair every few hours, even then it still hurt to run my brush through my hair, when normally I didn't have to brush my hair at all ever. I got a keratin treatment to try and rebuild the structures of my hair and it felt good at first but it washed out after a while. I considered cutting my hair short even though I had been growing it for 7 years which would have been heart-breaking, I tried so many deep conditioners. Nothing worked to relieve it, even when putting in conditioner, which makes hair slippery and easy to comb didn't work. I tried your shampoo and conditioner and my hair has completely bounced back, I can easily comb my hair when it has your conditioner and it feels as healthy as ever! :) My boyfriend also uses your shampoo and conditioner as he suffers from an itchy scalp from any other shampoo and conditioner. He loves Moogoo too now! :) The only problem I'm having so far with it is that I'm not sure if I should be massaging the conditioner into my scalp or not because I get really limp hair from too much conditioner.

I also ordered some scalp cream for my boyfriend so I'll email you to let you know how it goes with him when he uses it. The tinted lip balm is very nice :) it smells very sweet and it's very moisturising, it's nice knowing there are no crushed beetles in it!! I have also tried your tingling honey lips which was very nice, I gave it to my boyfriend as he has really chapped lips and your cow lick one is beautiful as well.

Anyway, sorry for such a long email, I just wanted to let you know how much my family and my boyfriend appreciate your products, I have replaced all my other products with Moogoo ones. I'm going to be recommending it to anyone who is willing to listen to me! Moogoo truly is a blessing! :) Thank you for writing a personalised letter to me, your customer service is the best I have ever experienced.

Just wondering, would you be making a scrub for your face or body any time soon? As a face scrub is the only thing in my skin regime which is not Moogoo :(

Also would you be making a christmas hamper full of Moogoo products in time for Christmas?

Kind Regards,


Hi guys,

i forgot to mention this in my last message to you, ive been using your shampoo and conditioner, and your conditioner has made my life sooo much easier, my hair is quite long, and frizzy/curly. Im not one to use hair products/straightners/blowdryers ect.. to maim and tame it into place, and the only time i can get the tangles out is after ive slapped heaps of conditioner in and comb/yank thruogh the mess while still in the shower (I end up with handfulls of hair, no longer attatched to my head, and conditioner splatters everywhere), i now put my moogoo conditioner in, wash myself, rinse my hair, hop out of the shower, then put in a couple of additional pumps of conditioner, this seems to tame my hair and i can comb out the tangles so easily, but what suprised me the most was the lack of hair in my comb, all i can say is WOW, actually that is exactly what my husband said. the comb goes through my hair so easily. I hope others will benefit from this also.



HI all at MooGoo,

I have recently found your product and would love to say how good it is.  I have just finnished radiation treatment for breast and about half way through treatment it looked like my skin was going to crack which meant the likelihood of pain and infection.  The nurse mentioned MooGoo as an option and within 36 hours the threat of cracking was gone.  My skin is soft and beautiful and even the colouring from the radiation is nearly gone within two weeks.
I have tried umpteen creams and lotions on my difficult, dry and sensitive skin over my lifetime and this is by far the best I have ever used. I am a total convert and am singing the prasies of MooGoo to anyone who will listen.

Thank you for saving my skin
Jenny, NSW


Hi there herd....

Just wanted to say how much I am loving your products and service.  First order was for the tingling honey lip balm (fav lip balm ever) and the acne cleansing cream, plus you threw in a sample of the milk wash (thanks by the way)... The acne cream is working , I have been using this after the the milk wash and my skin hasn't looked this good in a long time. Even the spots just under the surface have cleared. (Whoohoo! No more chemicals for me!) I placed an order for all three items plus the skin milk, and once again got super fast delivery, complete with the cute personalized touches....

Love everything and have been dropping your name all over the place. Thanks for great products and great service.

Cheers :)
Jess, NSW


I just wanted to thank you for the best anti-wrinkle/moisturising product I have ever found!  Over the last few years (I am 44) I have spent lots of $$$'s on Estee Lauder and other anti-ageing products which worked to some degree.  Last weekend I purchased your MooGoo Full Cream from Tilba whilst I was tasting cheese and within 2 days of using this cream on my face I have noticed a huge reductions on fine lines!  This is a cream! Thank you so much and as I am a Sales Rep, I will be recommending this cream to ALL my customers! 

Cheers and regards,


Hi MooGoo,

I noticed your deodorant at our local pharmacy the other day and bought one after noticing it was aluminium free and had nothing to do with tea tree oil!

I was sceptical to begin with so put it to the test today at my taekwondo class. I didn't over-do the application, but was nervous that I'd end up being 'that one' that didn't put enough deodorant on...!

Well, I got to the end of the class, and through most of my day before realising that I hadn't noticed anything. There's no tell-tale signs of odour, just a touch of lemon myrtle.

I'm converted - and I have no doubt my body will love me now I'm not feeding it aluminium on a daily basis.

Liz, NSW


After trying all manner of creams, lotions and potions for my psoriasis, one of the most effective moisturisers I've tried is MooGoo's Irritable Skin Balm. It works and there's no greasy after effect. And as it contains no chemicals, you can apply as often as you like. A great product at a great price.

Michelle Martin, Features Editor, stylesiren.ie. July 2011


I bought two creams (eczema cream and moisturiser) about 3 months ago and the difference was remarkable. They ran out some time ago but was unable to replace them easily as the Chemist was far away and with working full time could never get there - hense my larger order online. One thing i did notice was that the calming effects lasted for a good 6 weeks after the creams ran out - so i'm going to be very interested to see how effective they are this time.

I have to say it's a welcome relief not to be using creams which we've used constantly in the last 6 years. I limit my daughters diet due to eczema, i've tried homeopathy and lots of alternative treatments, they all work for a short while but nothing longer term. I'm hoping I'll see a longer term solution with these creams

I'll keep you posted. Seems to be a fantastic product so far.

Hilda, Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow February 2011


I have been using your product for two days wow what a difference to my psoriasis, is there a secret ingredient in your produce for it clear so quick! Thanks for the reassurance that no in product, my i just cant believe the difference in such a short time of using the product my skin feels normal again. I have now bought shampoo and body wash. I want to tell the hole world about it.

Catherine (A Very Happy Customer)! Waterford February 2011


Moo Goo is amazing! After using numerous creams/off the shelf moisturizers for dry skin on my feet I was recommended to use moogoo and it cleared it up within days and it hasn’t come back! And now after me raving about it my family and friends are also hooked too!

Lynn, Dublin, April 2011


I first heard of Moo Goo products when I met you at the Pregnancy & Baby Show in the RDS a couple of months back. I have a baby girl who is now almost 6 months old. She had cradle cap early on and as that was clearing, her actual scalp was extremely dry and flaky and she would have breakout red patches on her face, ears, legs etc. I tried numerous products with no perfumes etc but nothing was helping.

We were told she has mild dermatitis (and have since been told its eczema) After speaking to you at the show, I purchased the Milk Shampoo and Scalp Cream. I began using it on her straight away and within days her scalp began to clear up and by 10 days, it was again! Ive been using the shampoo on her ever since and the dryness never returned. Plus it smells FAB! I put the scalp cream on the patches of eczema if or when she has a little breakout and it clears it up in no time. I had tried cream but I don't like using it as it will thin her skin, and to be honest the scalp cream is every bit as effective and not at all .

I was delighted to see your stand again at Xpose a few weeks ago, so I stocked up on more shampoo and creams! I also bought some for a couple of friends that have similar problems.

I have and will recommend your products to anyone I hear speaking about problem prone skin. Its just amazing stuff!!! We love it!!!

Thanks again
Donna, Lucan December 2010


Hi to everyone at Moo Goo,

I just want to say a BIG thank you to your company for making the MSM Soothing Cream. I have suffered with Rosacea for about 15 years of which I and have been prescribed , medicated skin creams (on prescription) and heaps of "natural" skin care products and I was beginning to feel a little desperate....I just could not find anything that would calm my bright red/pink cheeks (one day it was particularly bad and a work colleague asked me if I was sunburnt!)

So I saw your product at my local pharmacy and decided to give it a try....soon after applying the cream to my face, the redness dissapeared! And I mean totally gone......I haven't had my face the one colour for so long, I forgot how my face used to look before the red/pink cheeks developed.

All I can say is, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Kindest Regards,
QLD, Australia

Ed: Rosacea can have different causes and sometimes a bit of Seborrheic Dermatitis can look like Rosacea too. We are so happy for Kylie but note that different things work for different people.


Hi Moogoo

Just letting you know I am getting on brilliantly with your products... the milk wash, shampoo, conditioner, MSM, full cream, anti aging, oil cleanser, soaps and the lip balms I love every single 1 of your products and what they have done for my skin and my kids skin!! My fave has to be the MSM cream it is b...rill and reminds me of dessert. My 18 month son loves the full cream he just loves licking it off his hands when he is helping me apply it to him!!!

I have some family members using it and I have also converted my father in law to it I can't recommend it enough!!!

I can't wait for your deodrant and nappy balm eye cream etc to come to Ireland!!!

Stephanie, Thurles, Co. Tipperary December 2010


Just got my order of Moogoo today, thank you. I actually came across Moogoo on a trip to Australia last year and was so impressed I've been ordering it all the way from Oz. Even with the extra postage it was still really good value. I started out with just the psoriasis & eczema balm, which is by far the best thing I've found for my eczema in the past five years of trying cream after cream after cream. I used to have to apply other standard eczema creams every fifteen minutes (no exaggeration!) and even then my skin was still red raw, cracked and itchy as hell. Now it's so much better I only have to use Moogoo a couple of times a day. After getting some free samples of the MSM cream and milk wash I am now completely converted to the Moogoo cause. Every product I've tried so far is great. Thank you so much for bringing Moogoo to Ireland!

Jenny (Dublin 8) October 2010


I'm very happy with the Oil Cleansing Method product for oily skin I received the other day, it's amazing, I've only been using it for a couple of days and I can already notice a difference in my acne-prone skin, my blackheads have gone, and my blemishes are shrinking. I've tried numerous products which never worked in order to beat my acne, nothing has ever worked liked this product has. The smell is wonderful, it's like having a facial everyday, thanks a million too for the free lip balm which is also amazing, will definitely be ordering more MooGoo products in the future.

Katie, Dublin 12. October 2010


Hi there,

I received the products yesterday that I ordered . Thank you so much for delivering them. I read about MooGoo in the metro on monday and I love skincare products especially products that are natural and are for sensitive skin. There was so much helpful info on the website, I just had to give them a try. I loved the oatmeal and honey soap, the udder cream is amazing. I havent tried the oil cleanser yet but i cant wait!!

I have sent the link to the site to my friends and family too!!

Thanks again.
Annamarie Dublin August 2010


Dear Moogoo Ireland

Moogoo is the best hair care product I have ever used. As a sufferer of dermatitis on the scalp and always getting that “tight” feeling on the scalp after washing my hair which would lead to dandruff, I thought I would never find any product that worked for me. I got a sample of Moogoo scalp cream and from the first couple of applications I found that it was clearing my dandruff and giving me a very cooling sensation on the scalp. Recently I have started using the Moogoo Milk Shampoo and have found the product excellent. I no longer get that “tight” feeling on my scalp after washing my hair and with the application after of the scalp cream my scalp is conditioned, and feeling great.

Moogoo Milk Shampoo and Moogoo Scalp cream are keeping my scalp free of dandruff; the ingredients in both products are what your scalp and hair require to keep it in good condition, with none of the chemicals and additives that irritate your scalp.

Stephen, Co Louth August 2010



Thank you for the swift delivery of my previous order. I have found both the Moogoo MSM and the Irritated Skin Balm fantastic, I can now shake hands with people and not feel extremely embarassed. They have been a revelation.

Thanks again
Eithne Lucan, Dublin August 2010


Hi Moogoo Ireland

All i can say is thank you, my name is Mark Cranmer, i bought Moogoo shampoo and scalp cream from you in Donaghmede Pharmacy just over a week ago. i suffer badly with psoriasis on my scalp and have tried everything to tackle this problem and nothing has worked till now.

Within a few days the redness was all but gone , there's no more flaky scalp and the scalp has lost all the tightness.

I am delighted with these products

Kind regards
Mark Cranmer, Dublin September 2010


Moogoo products are going fantastic they have exceeded my expectationsions and I will defnitely continue to use them I cannot rave enough about them.

Stephanie O' Regan,
Thurles, Co. Tipperary November 2010


Dear Moogoo Ireland

I have Moogoo cream for three weeks now and I have found it quite effective. It has considerably faded my Psoriasis,it is now a pale pink which is best its been for a few years if it anymore fades it will be a bonus. I'm delighted with this result.

Regards Anita
Drimnagh, Dublin September 2010


Welcome Moogoo Ireland,

Billy from Crumlin in Dublin has been using Moogoo scalp cream for 2 weeks with great results in his scalp and facial skin and cannot believe the difference in such a short period of time and would highly recommend it to everyone with skin problems.

Thanks Moogoo September 2010



Hi all at Moo Goo Headquarters,

I have been using your shampoo and conditioner for about 8 months now and the difference it has made to my life has been incredible.  I somehow developed a pretty bad case of Seborrheic Dermatitis which resulted in a very sore, itchy, flaking, weepy, inflamed scalp (doesn't that sound like fun!) which also came hand in hand with quite a lot of hair loss due to the inflamed hair folicles.   I was using lotion on my scalp daily for about 6 months and every time I tried to stop, the condition came back just as bad as before.  I used countless shampoos all including harsh chemicals which did nothing to help my problem.  I also saw about 3 different doctors who all told me that my only help would be the lotion.  I was also doing a lot of research in to my condition on my own and read that using lotions for a long periof of time could result in some pretty nasty .  The whole thing was causing me a lot of and embarrasment and uncomfort.

One day when I was at my wit's end I went in to another health store (I'd already been to a few with no luck!) and noticed the Moo Goo stand.  I read the pamphlet and then went home that night and looked at your website.  The stories from your users were amazing and I decided I had to try this wonder goo.  The next day I went back to the health store and stocked up on some shampoo and conditioner and also some of the eczma cream (as the dematitis had now also started to appear on a few other areas on my body).   I used the cream every day and the shampoo and conditioner every second day.  Within about 3-4 days my skin had gone back to normal and within about a week and a half my scalp had also returned to normal.  I was so happy I could have cried.   I threw out the lotion and have never looked back.  I no longer need to use the cream but still use the shampoo and conditioner all the time and my scalp has never been healthier!  All my hair has grown back and it's looking healthy and lovely.  I've told everyone who will listen to me about your product and I can't thank you enough.

Good luck with everything you do in the future and please continue to make your great products for people like me!!!

Emma (TAS)


Thanks for the email. I have been using the cream for about 5 days now.

I have had acne since i was 12. I am 39 now. I have mostly manged it over the years by taking the contraceptive pill and treating individual spots with strong creams. My skin isn't very oily but not dry either. I don't wear foundation generally. I have also tried many other ways of treating my acne from kinesiology and diet changes to micordermabrasion, peels, anti-biotic creams, vitamin e oil, you name it -i've done it. The most difficult thing in the last 6 years or so has been that although i may not get a lot of actual spots - those i do get are sore and persistent and always leave red marks on my skin behind. not pit scarring so much as just a red mark that never fades. So prevention is definitely what i've been looking for.

I am now 15 weeks pregnant and my skin got really bad in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and only calmed down a little over the last couple of weeks. So - i was keen to find a new solution to try as i have to stay away from the harsh creams. My skin is now (since 12 weeks preg) more dry and trying to treat acne with creams and use moisturiser was proving to be a real tricky procedure. When i saw your newsletter with this idea that the treatment could also be moisturising - i thought - that is for me!

I have to say - since i have used the moogoo cream twice a day - i have had no new break outs of acne and it seems to have calmed the exisiting issues. I still have red marks and I know that your product isn't intended to help with scarring at all but that would be amazing - if someone came up with something that could help my skin recover from the acne.  I really like the cream as something good to put on my skin and i think that it is helping to keep spots at bay - hard to say as i am sure my hormones are changing all the time too but i am happy to keep using the moogoo cream to feed my skin and prevent new outbreaks if they are still lurking there!

my mother says her skin cleared up during pregnancy for good - finger's crossed this eventually happens to me......in the mean time - i have already recommended your cream to others.

I hope that helps. and if you do have any ideas for the red marks - i would love to hear from you..

Emma S


Thank you so much for your generous gift of the eye serum. It made such a huge difference to the and puffiness under my eyes. Within 3 days of using it - I was able to under my eyes had decreased, and I used scalp cream in my eyelids as recommended by the team which helped the coming from my eyelids.

Moogoo is my in so many ways. I count my every day for being able to access and benefits of all the Moogoo products every day.

Thank you again for such a wonderful product. I am counting the days till your tinted lipbalm and sunscreen comes out.

Lots of love,
Hana Brown xo


I purchased the cream for my son, who is just about to do HSC and has a formal coming up.

He is prone to breaking out during stress and they are nasty buggers too…

Anyway he had a huge one on his forehead, instead of squeezing, he cleansed his face, applied the acne cream and within 2 days it was gone…..

, so I highly recommend your cream to my friends and will continue to use for my other 2 sons.

Thank you for great products, I use your anti-ageing cream, its beautiful.

Thanks again,

Fiona Botella


Daughter has sensitive skin and we have been using Moo Goo eczema cream for a year. She has found this to be very helpful. We have now tried the acne cream as all the other treatments she has previously tried have dried her skin out or have made her nauseated. the acne cream is great. She is washing mostly twice a day and then applying acne cream - it has been very beneficial - only using for 1 week so far.

thank you Fiona Harris =


Hi MooGoo Team,

Just a quick note for your about my thoughts on your new Acne Cream Cleanser.

I don’t normally review products however I felt with this product I just had to. I discovered MooGoo products a couple of years ago. We use everything from the washes to the shampoo and conditioners to the moisturisers.  I have been using the MooGoo oil cleanser that I love for about a year now. I ordered the Acne Cleansing Cream as soon as it was released.

I have suffered from severe Acne since I was about 11 years of age. I have been to numerous doctors, dermatologists and beauty therapists with minimal results. I have had two courses of , numerous courses of and multitudes of different topical treatments prescribed. Some have worked for a limited time, some have not worked at all, some I have been allergic to and some have made my skin so dry my skin has continued to peel off weeks after I stopped using them.

I am now 32 and I still suffer from Acne. Not like I did in my younger years however enough to leave me not wanting to wear swimmers or singlet tops in summer and some days not wanting to go out it is so bad. Then came MooGoo. I was hopeful when I ordered the Cream Cleanser however I wasn’t sure if it would work. It seemed too simple and inexpensive. The results however have been amazing and for me life changing. Whilst not all of my Acne is gone the small spots I do have are barely noticeable. My skin is soft and supple and my complexion has gone from being patchy to been even and smooth.

I am not overly strict with my routine with the MooGoo Cleansers and they still work! I use the Oil Cleanser in the morning and then I put the Cream Cleanser on after my shower. I try and use the Oil Cleanser again at night however I often just throw some more Cream Cleanser on and go to bed.

Thank you MooGoo for this product. I really appreciate finding it and I am happy to know there is a product that my girls can use when they are older if they have skin as bad as mine. Hopefully it will save a lot of heartache for them in their teenage years!

Thanks again. Another order being placed today. Can’t wait to try the Tinted Lip Balm and I’ve convinced the girls in the office to try a few of your products too.
Jordian L., NSW


Dear MooGoo!
I have been using MooGoo MSM since it first appeared in my local Amcal Pharmacy at Bridgewater. For years I suffered from a type of psoriasas & the only product which worked was one called “Deri-Sal Cattle Ointment”. I had to go to a Stock & Station Agent’s store to buy it. Then, it seems, the manufacturers changed the formula. I was told that this was because this product was being used by people like me for whom the human-suitable types of creams, lotions & potions did not work.

Along comes MooGoo! The results were simply amazing the rash had become localized on one leg. I tried putting Cream on it. Gone! Within days the rash had disappeared & has not returned.

I also used MSM on my face – having used Nivea Crème all my life till then. All the damaged skin has returned to normal & I no longer need to get them .

As you may have already guessed I am somewhat vain about my appearance & MooGoo MSM has improved it tremendously! I have had an itchy scalp & all the nasty crustiness which went with it. No matter what I tried it returned within 24 hours. It nearly drove me . My family said I did not need that to do that!
I also had Roscrea, or something spelt like that, on my nose on which I used Cream which only sort of worked.

Along comes MooGoo Scalp Cream.

The result: Itchiness & crusty muck disappeared within hours & with once-a-day use it has stayed away. The Roscrea thingy on my nose has also completely disappeared. My next purchase will be MooGoo Shampoo!

Thank you so much for this Wonderful, product!

I just hope that some big pharmaceutical company does not come along & make you an offer you can’t refuse & then, as they always do, claiming to “Improve” it, completely destroy it.

Robert Mc, SA – a Very Happy 73-year-old!!!




I was listening to the radio (Triple J in Melbourne) and a lady called and mentioned your company and a product about helping eczema. I don't get eczema (luckily) but I was really curious about this Moogoo!

I went to your website and loved what you were all about. So I ordered the Oil Cleansing Method and the Acne Cleansing Cream straight away.

I have been using both products for a couple of weeks now and I absolutely love them! My skin type is combination, with slight break outs on my face (usually around my chin and above my neckline). I also get breakouts on my chest and back so I love getting in the bath and letting the oil soak into all my pores. Both my bf and I have noticed a huge improvement in my skin especially on my back and chest which bothered me the most.

Once a week I will have a bath and really soak in the Oil and afterwards apply the cleansing cream. I will also leave a warm face cloth of my face as recommended. Every other day I shower and wash my face with the Oil and then apply the cleansing cream before applying any make up etc...

My skin looks much more even, toned and feels really soft and clean. Usually throughout the day my face (T- zone) feels oily but I have not had this since using your products :)

I am so happy with Moogoo and I'm grateful that I randomly heard the lady talking on the radio that day!

Keep up the amazing work guys esp. for people like me who suffer from low confidence because of skin issues. Your products really are helping people feel and look so much better!

Thanks so much, Regards Emma xx :)


Dear MooGoo,

Here are five good things about you lot:

1. The products work
2. They are affordable
3. All natural (no worrying!)
4. Brilliant customer service

Thanks so much for everything - the shampoo, creams, lip balm and deodorant. My family and I (suffering psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis throughout our lives) are very appreciative and now customers for life :)

(Kitty, NSW)


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your products, have been using them for over a week now and have noticed a difference in my skin, have always had sensitive, very dry skin and have struggled to find products that work....these are BRILLIANT!!! Love, love, love them all! Will definitely be a very happy and regular customer

Julie, NSW


Thank You for this great product called MOO GOO funny name with out of this results - words just can't express how happy I am to find a product that doesn't make my eyes water, irritate my skin or makes me so itchy that I could scream. Many of my friends are trying MOO GOO and like me they are "WOW what is this stuff - it is great" and like me they are not going back - it is MOO GOO or nothing.

I discovered MOO GOO while reading a health book in the waiting room of my chiropractor - she too is using MOO GOO after I told her about you.

Wouldn't it be good if the world was MOO GOO - , natural, healthy.

Thank you so very much –
Donna, VIC


I work for a well known women's health and beauty magazine so I am fortunate enough to have access to some amazing skin care products. Recently though, I have been suffering from breakouts of acne and clogged skin and despite trying a number of 'acne' cleansers and products nothing seemed to work.

More often then not I found these products harsh and drying.

That was until my mum (mum's always seem to know best) caught wind of your products and gave me some of your oil cleanser to try. I will admit that at first using an oil to wash my face felt very foreign and I was concerned it would cause further breakouts. But to my surprise your cleanser has worked on my skin - the acne is all but gone and my skin feels hydrated and healthy!! I am so impressed with the oil cleanser and I have now purchased your udder cream as well. Not only do your products work but they're also very affordable - especially considering the price of some skin care brands these days. Whenever anyone compliments me on my skin these days I'm always quick to give you guys the credit.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Yours in glowing skin,


To the lovely Moogoo crew.

Your products are truly all that you and your fans proclaim and more! I have been blessed with lovely skin but it has cost me a fortune to keep it this way, having now graduated to expensive products for mature age skin. After reading your ad in a Reader's Digest I visited your delightful website, liked what I read and decided to order some products. Since using the anti-aging face cream, apart from how good it feels, what has amazed me the most is that the brown age spots which were beginning to emerge on my face and neck totally faded over a few weeks... a bonus I never expected. I am applying it to my hands and arms twice daily and the spots are gradually fading. My husband has contended with dry itchy scalp for most of his adult life having tried virtually every lotion and shampoo on the market with great frustration. Since using the Moogoo products his scalp has cleared up . Needless to say we are both totally converted to your products which I have now sourced at a nearby pharmacy, tho I was very impressed with the prompt service and the free sample from my first order online. We are encouraging our family and friends to change over to your natural products. Thank you Moogoo team. May your business continue to flourish for all the right reasons!

Shirley, WA


Hi, I have very bad skin caused by a few thing stress, bad eating habits as well as #@*! work and not been able to leave my face alone. I googled the internet on Friday and found some comments on your products, I purchased Moo Go on Saturday 24 hours later my face is perfect I cant believe it. Thanks very much.

Debbie, NSW


"Keep talking please...we love it"! :)


Hi there! I bought your anti-ageing cream ages ago, and use it a bit here and there, becuase I have another moisuriser which I like more - sorry, no offence - but in the last few days, I used your anti-ageing cream continuously (too slack to go to the other room to get my good one), and my skin looks absolutely stunning! Urgh - bit annoying when I paid twenty dollars more for my 'good one', haha. But yes, I just wanted to tell you that from now on, I won't let moisturiser prejudice get in the way of recognising an effective and fantastic cream :) thanks a lot!



Hi Moo Goo !

I just wanted to say thanks for the amazing products. For years I have suffered from extremely dry 'sandpaper' elbows and those annoying bumps on the back of my arms. After 2 days of using the skin milk you can no longer sand the floor with my elbows and after about a week those pesky bumps on the back of my arms were gone.

My daughter has also just reached that age where she needs deodorant and I have had many reservations about her using aluminum deo, as I myself have had problems with breast lumps. Your deo cream being all natural has taken some of this worry off my shoulders and it works amazingly.

I just purchased the anti aging skin cream too - I think I'm an addict. :)

Thanks again-Janice


I have been using this product for about two weeks now - I am sold! i even use your hair conditioner - pea size amount as a hand moisturiser. I have very sensitive skin but am able to use your soaps to wash makeup off without any reactions. Brilliant products! love them!

i will reccomend them to everyone i know!



I recently purchased some of your products after reading about you in G Magazine. It has driven me to source natural body products, something I have always been interested in but always found so confusing. What actually is good and what is not?. Finally someone who speaks my language! After using the skin milk udder cream on my face, I truly feel as if I have had a mini face lift, find myself constantly checking the mirror as confirmation and it has taken a good couple of weeks to accept that the face I touch is in fact mine!

My previously saggy oily skin with bags under my eyes is soooo soft and the bags are gone, the skin is tighter and non shiny. I now go out without any makeup at all just a bit of moogoo lippy. My son actually told me my skin feels like 'Cooper's' a friend of his.



To the Moo Goo Team I am writing to let you know what a wonderful product you have. This is the first time I've ever written to a company about their product but I just had to say thank you for a sensational product. I used the Udder cream for my eczema and it cleared it up in a matter of days. I now use the product as a moisturiser as well and am using the soaps too. Congratulations on a superb product. I wish you all the success in the world.



One of my wonderful friends gave me a hamper this Christmas with MooGoo Udder Cream and a cake of soap, she purchased these from a little store in Balhanna in the Adelaide Hills, she knew nothing about the product however because I live on a farm the Cow pictures sold her, since using these products I have not had a spot of eczema since. I searched our town Mount Gambier to stock up when I started getting low & couldnt find it anywhere our town motto is to 'Shop Local First', I went online to order more and I was so happy with how quickly I received my package and the wonderful sample enclosed. Keep up the fantastic customer service and products, finally no hidden chemicals or cortisone creams ...... I am what you would say an accidental over the moon happy client who will be letting everyone know of your product. Thank you very much.

Carolyn, SA


Shampoo and Conditioner:
I’ve had psoriasis on my scalp for nearly years and the only thing that has even made it heal was swimming in the ocean several times a week: not only wasn’t this practical but it made my hair look a total mess. I’ve tried prescription shampoos, liquids applied onto my scalp, various alternate solutions and nothing has ever worked on a long term basis, until I tried the Moogoo Milk Shampoo. Moogoo cleared my scalp after two washes and has kept it moist, flake and scab-free for over two years. It works as well as any other shampoo, without the harsh chemicals on skins and the environment – it even works in the very hard water of Los Angeles.

Eczema cream:

This is fabulous when your eczema breaks out in sores or when you’re skin is very inflamed – it really calms it down, smells nice and isn’t sticky, like many non-chemical alternatives. I use it on myself, my four year old and my newborn.

Scalp cream
This is a wonderful, soothing cream for the diaper area for newborns, it smoothes and gets rid of the diaper rash as well as yeast like inflammation with pustules that babies get often. It works within hours of application: a must for every change table! Thanks for making great products.

Amanda. LA


Hello! I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your shampoo and conditioner. It's better than anything I have used before... and I have used every single brand known to mankind lol ... I went into my local health food store and explained that I had just tried some organic shampoo's and my hair had turned to straw! They recommended trying Moo Goo.... OMG this stuff ROCKS! It's the best my hair has ever been! Im going back now to get some anti ageing cream! Gotta get one of those T-shirts too.. so cute! :)

Sandi, Perth


I have been a loyal customer for many years now and just love LOVE your products - they me during my pregnancy! I am always recommending your products to family and friends. My new fav is the Eczema and Psoriasis Balm - it cleared up my partner's terrible case of Pityriasis Rosea rather quickly, and when I thought I was getting it too I used the cream immediately - stopped the rash !

Also, I love the new cream deodorant!

You mentioned in a recently newsletter that you might be creating a toothpaste - do it! My partner said you should call it "MOOthpaste" - haha.. Bet you've heard it/said it a million times before!

One question: Are you no longer making the milk wash and original shampoo (these have been staples in our bathroom so a little concerned)??

Anyway, thank you for making such wonderful products and I look forward to sampling any new products!

Kind regards, Marita


Hi. I just wanted to let you know how amazed I was with the excema and psoriasis balm. since my daughters were born i have tried to use natural products as much as possible, but i've never found anything that helped the dermatitis on my hands that wasn't full of all the nasty chemicals......so for a long time my hands have been SORE! I bought a tube of the moogoo yesterday and have used it times in the last hours and my hands are almost better, i can't believe it. sorry if this is boring but i'm really very happy right now! THANKS! by the way, this is a great website too.

Catherine, NSW


I am so grateful you make this cream.

I will certainly be telling everyone I know about these products.

Annette, QLD


I just want to say... wow!! When I first heard about MooGoo it was suggested to me by woman at the health food shop in my local area and I replied with 'no thanks, Milk and dairy products seem to irritate my eczema!!' But now I realise that MooGoo isn't made from milk or dairy products and I'm glad I eventually ended up buying a tube of your eczema cream. It worked wonders!! I went in to buy some more the other day and there was none left so I bought the MSM cream instead. And two days later. no eczema.. i think this product is better for my eczema that your eczema cream!! And from now on it will be my everyday moisturiser!! Thank you for your product.. I will suggest it to all my friends with skin problems. You should get one of those buttons on your web page that says 'tell my friend about this product' and comes up with an automated email to send to others and all i'd have to do is type in their email addresses. I'm not just saying this because I'm lazy, it'd prob ably generate alot more business.[Good idea! Employ that girl!]



Hi MooGoo

I thought I would let you know that I have been using your product; MooGoo Eczema & Psoriasis Balm. My son's skin has improved. It has taken the itchiness, redness and eczema away on his skin. Also, for your info, with the it looks to have taken the underlying spots away and just left the ones on top of his skin. And even they have improved. It's as though they come out, go red and go away, they have not spread. Maybe due the the fact that my son has not been scratching. I tell you they have improved heaps, and that's just in one week after month's. Thank you so much. I will let you know how they go in another week if you like.

Regards, Nerradith


Dear Moogoo

I wanted to take the time and tell you how utterly thrilled I am at your products. I live in Scotland where heating is an essential part of life, and after having the coldest winter last year on record for nearly 50 odd years my skin was very dried out. I visited my family in Townsville in May this year and my sister told me to try Moogoo. I bought some cleanser and Skin Milk and initially thought it was nice. I have now used it all up and after three months of these products I am a complete advocate for Moogoo.

I have always used reputable skin care products, (Neal’s Yard, Dermalogica, L’occitane, Clarins … to name just a few) and I always wake up with tight dry skin, which needs moisturised immediately. When I wash my make up of at night, my skin is red and agitated. With Moogoo, my skin has been supple, never tight and completely nourished all day, especially in the morning.

I thought it would be difficult to order Moogoo products from Scotland, but I was delighted when my parcel arrived in 5 working days and the postage cost of $12.00 is less than what it would cost me to take a train into Edinburgh to buy skin care!

Your website is informative and user friendly, your P&H is fantastic and your products are simply wonderful. Thank you for the sample of Milk Wash in my order, I look forward to trying it tonight.

I wish you continued success in your business as you honestly deserve it.

Kind regards Rebecca


Not an enquiry, just couldn't find where to give positive feedback. :-) Your FRESH CREAM DEODERANT is a [edited due to regulations*] for my armpits. Seriously, I have tried aluminium free products before and they have never stopped the odour. This product is gentle and at the end of a day, to sniff my underarms and not smell odour is amazing!! I will be telling people about this product. I'm also in the process of trying your Shampoo and Conditioner as I have suffered with dandfruff for years and nothing has worked. If this does I'll let you know. Thanks for an amazing product. I'm very impressed!

Regards, Mel - Perth,


Hi Karen

Thought you might like some good morning cheer, arrived home from being away and raced down to Organic Belly yesterday, they are so impressed the product is walking of the shelf, obviously I wasn't the only person waiting for it to arrive in Port Macquarie. I think you can expect another order pretty soon, especially as word gets around. I bought all the body range and after using it just once must say I'm amazed, the anti aging cream feels so good I think it will take me backwards and I will look like a teenager Ha! Ha!

King Regards Ann


To the lovely Moogoo crew. Your products are truly all that you and your fans proclaim and more! I have been blessed with lovely skin but it has cost me a fortune to keep it this way, having now graduated to expensive products for mature age skin. After reading your ad in a Reader's Digest I visited your delightful website, liked what I read and decided to order some products. Since using the anti-aging face cream, apart from how good it feels, what has amazed me the most is that the brown age spots which were beginning to emerge on my face and neck totally faded over a few weeks... a bonus I never expected. I am applying it to my hands and arms twice daily and the spots are gradually fading. My husband has contended with dry itchy scalp for most of his adult life having tried virtually lotion and shampoo on the market with great frustration. Since using the Moogoo products his scalp has cleared up . Needless to say we are both totally converted to your products which I have now sourced at a nearby pharmacy, tho I was very impressed with the prompt service and the free sample from my first order online. We are encouraging our family and friends to change over to your natural products. Thank you Moogoo team. May your business continue to flourish for all the right reasons!

Shirley, Palmyra. WA


Hi there,

Just wanted to ask; can I buy the baby cows in any stores that stock moogoo or just online? I have an 10 month old chihuahua x toy foxy (named Bear, of course), who loves his "moomoo" and will fetch it on request, unfortunately moomoo has had about 45 repair jobs and is on his last legs.

Thanks for making moo goo; i can't shut up about it, everyone thinks i work for moogoo!



Hi Herd, I am not one to normally write to companies, but I felt compelled to tell you how happy I am with my MooGoo. I actually have tears of joy in my eyes as I write this, because your products have been absolute [edited due to regulations*] for me. I have suffered with 3 skin problems that have been problems for as long as I can remember- dermatitis (on the scalp, hands and face- exacerbated by the use of chemical soaps/ shampoos and cosmetics), mild acne (by no means uncommon but a massive blow to the self esteem), and the bane of my life, keratosis pilaris. But now thanks to your products (the shampoo, the conditioner, the milk moisturiser, the oil cleanser, the MSM cream and the eczema balm) I am virtually acne, dermatits and keratosis pilaris free. This is a [edited due to regulations*]for me!!! I have actually thrown out my creams, tar shampoo and . I refuse to use anything else. Please please please never go anywhere or change! I love you guys, and I would kiss all your cows if I could!



We are officially now a Moo Goo family!

My brother first tried the creams for psoriasis on his (shaved) scalp, which is now healthy and no signs of psoriasis. He then recommended my mum use the creams for her arms and legs. My mum's psoriasis was so bad, people used to think she had flour all up her arm. After trying every other product on the market she then tried moo goo and her psoriasis has almost completely gone for the first time. I have since used the products for my scalp, ears, arms and legs. We can't believe how well it works. Keep up the good work.

The Barry's (WA)


I just wanted to say a big thanks to Karen who I spoke to on Friday 22/10. I was following up on an order from 13/10 and realised that I had made an error in the postcode that I provided with my order. Initially, Karen thought that we should give it a little more time for the order to either eventually make its way to my place or to make its way back to MooGoo, which was totally reasonable given that it had been my stuff up. But, a little while after our conversation, Karen called back and left a message to let me know that they would express post my order again in the meantime, given that I had already waited a week – yay! I received the express posted order today, and just wanted to say a massive thank you. If the original order eventually turns up I’ll return it to MooGoo, but it’s just great to have my order in the meantime. The shampoo has been amazing for my husband’s dandruff, and as our existing bottle has been getting lower and lower he was threatening to return to ordinary shampoo, which would mean a return to being a snow head, so I’m really pleased that the replacement bottle is here!

Thanks again!


Dear MooGoo ,

I have been by psoriasis for years now - doctors and dermatologists I am sure are well meaning but creams in different strengths have done nothing to relieve my condition and added to by stress by being told "you may just have to learn to live with it" - terrific!! Scaley, itching, peeling and damned sore hands and feet don't need that sort of junk. A friend tried your skin care products (I will too from now on) and thought your cream might help my problem. her she bought me a tube (knowing I had tried just about every cream or potion recommended to me in the past) and I am pleased to announce success. I have been using your cream for 2 weeks now(I bought another tube yesterday) and whilst we haven't become psoriasis free - yet - we are well on the way. My skin has gobbled this cream as though you aren't making any more (please say that isn't so) and already I can see new skin showing through minus scaley, cracks etc. itching too has lessened and I am chuffed to the max. Could you make your cream in larger tubes or containers as I use a heck of a lot and one tube doesn't go far? MooGoo well done, I shall spread the word and use more of your products from now on. you for the sanity your products have saved countless sufferers! Keep up the good work - God bless cows and the original udder cream - started a revolution that's what. I'm beginning to rave, Thanks again,



Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful product your Eczema balm is. Only purchased yesterday, and already after using for hours, the shocking rawness and redness of dyshidrosis, which is one of the worst dermatitis to heal, looks and feels 60% better. I had tried very strong prescription (not allowed to say) ointment.. to no avail, plus numerous other creams, nothing worked. A young fellow in a Health Store suggested this one, could not believe how fast it worked, and the next morning, it has healed by 60%, just in time to stop me going to a Specialist 2 days from now for [edited to comply with guidelines] treatment. Many thanks for a fantastic product. I am elated!



Hi MooGoo

These are the pictures of Keira, at first everyone was just telling me it was hormone rash and would clear up but after 2 more months of waiting it never did. Keira also has cradle cap which also was on/around her eyebrows. I felt really rough like sandpaper, and dry too, but now her skin is all smooth and really nice to touch.

She was born on the 25th March so she is 3 months in these pics. The first one was taken on 25th June, the second on 27th June and the third on 30th June. The only editing was to remove red-eye, and you're more than welcome to use them on your website.

Thanks to all the hard working moogoo'ers and my sister in law for knowing about your products, Keira is silky smooth.

Kindest regards
Leah xxx


i was burnt by oil and fire about 4 months ago and have multiple scars as i had third degree burns all over my legs and had to get skin , skin has finally healed but was a very dark purple colour and skin was tight, and since using your moogoo cream for only a week or 2, my skin has become a lot softer, scars have minimized and the colour of my skin has lightened into a pale pink, i would just really like to thankyou and congratulate you all for how much your product has helped me and my scars.



I had been battling with allergic reactions to conventional shampoos for a long time. My scalp was perpetually dry and itchy and every time i washed my hair my face would be red and bumpy for an hour after the shower. I was constantly searching for a shampoo that was gentle enough for my skin. I eventually found MooGoo and haven't really looked back. Right after the first wash i took a look in the mirror and i actually looked normal! No red patches of irritation on my skin at all. I have pursued with it for about a month now and my entire scalp is completely free from flaky dry skin. It is incredible. I am so happy to have finally found something that actually works!



I was first given your Eczema and Psoriasis Balm as a tester for my scalp, i loved it and have just gone and brought your full range!!! I just have one request!! Could you please make the Eczema and Psoriasis Balm in a bigger tub!! [ed: Normally we suggest to try the Soothing Cream after the Eczema Balm for all over use as that comes in a larger container. Hovwer a good suggestion and we will try and do it, it has to go through the TGa as its a listed product]

Thanks so much for your great products!! =]

Kind regards


I found your product at the chemist last week and can not believe the changes in my scalp. I have suffered for decades from psoriasis on my scalp and ears and finally I have gone through an entire day without being itchy or scratching. MooGoo is a [edited due to regulations*]





I have purchased so many cream, lotions & potions to use on my 2 and half years old eczema and nothing worked until I used your MooGoo mositurizer!!

I couldn't believe that it actually worked after the first use!! I couldn't believe how soft and smooth my hands were after massaging the remaining bit on my hands after appyling to him. Even the difference to my husband hands, who is a farmer with tough cracked course hands.

The milk wash is beautiful as well.

Only one recommendation - would love it if the moisturizer could also be available in a pump pack like the milk wash! :) Thanks again for a fantastic product...... can't wait to try out the whole range.




hey there MOOGOOERS! Our family has been loving your products (udder cream and more recently the eczema and psoriasis balm) for the last few months. Our son has suffered from the effects of eczema for most of his life, of course doctors prescribe creams etc. but we've only ever seen limited, short term gains culminating in applying these products to skin that is suffering more than when we started. Our boy is now 6 years old and over the last year the eczema flared up again and we were determined to tackle the problem differently, your creams have helped ; no longer do we have to look at deep-red, weeping blotches of skin on his arms and behind the knees, rather just the pinkish tint of the eczema as it seems to be slowly receding. However, his entire body needs to be covered in the balm at the moment 3 times a day and honestly it's rather expensive buying those tiny little tubes of it. Certainly we are not opposed to buying your products, we love them, rather is it possible to buy the Eczema and Psoriasis Balm in larger quantities? Thanks for taking the time to consider our case and thanks again for the wonderful products.




Just a short thank you note. I am a Community and am so impressed with your moogoo that I often encourage my to try it. I became hooked when I started using it on a very disabled lady who had suffered for many years from a large excoriated area around her suprapubic catheter. This was very uncomfortable for her and effected her quality of life greatly. We had tried numerous medicated, non medicated creams and barrier creams and wipes with no success. Doctors prescribed treatments - still no success and then we gave Moogoo a try and have never looked back - within weeks the area was free from excoriation or any signs of rash and the skin has remained healthy ever since - that was about 18 months ago now. I have since used it on myself on winter rashes and recommend it to all my friends and family.

Thank you very much.....Michelle


Dear MooGoo,

Less than one week ago I received my order of your Full Cream Moisturiser.

I apply it morning and at night, and even though it's only been a few days, many people have remarked to me how " beautiful, smooth and radiant " my face is.

Some even asked if I'd undergone a procedure or had injections.

At 53 years of age I'm now the very proud owner of lovely, healthy, soft skin - so much so that people such as my friends and family say I look years younger !!!!!!!

What a wonderful Testament to your wonderful Product !!!

I can't thank you enough except to say I'm your customer for life, and of course will be placing further orders with you and recommending your wonderful Products to everyone I talk to.

Many thanks also for the lovely cake of Goat's Milk Soap you kindly sent me - I'll be putting that on my shopping list as well !!! Sending you all at MooGoo my heartfelt thanks and warmest wishes,



I recently purchased you Eczema & Psoriasis Balm & Scalp cream for the eczema i have on my hands, torso, face, neck, hairline - I have been suffering an insane itch for over a year, and even though I use soap free products, lots of sorbolene, [edited to comply with regulations] creams etc etc... (I've tried everything).. nothing worked... until my mum told me about a friend of hers who uses MooGoo... I was willing to try anything - and did... wow - what a difference... my hands, which had the worse and most painful eczema - have nearly cleared up after only 5 days of using your fabulous creams !!! Thanks MooGoo... you have a new friend for life !



Hello Moogoo people, I received not one but 2 sample creams - thanks so much. My daughter had relief from the dermatitis on her scalp by using the shampoo and conditioner. She is years old and has had the condition since she was about . We have tried all sorts of products to relieve the stingy itch and your shampoo and conditioner did the trick nicely. We applied the scalp cream as soon as it arrived and the cream soothed the red welts on the back of her neck and base of the scalp. The welts have since become just dry flakey skin which I have no doubt will improve with time. Thanks again for your promptness and I will recommend your products to my friends and family.



I received my psoriasis cream yesterday. I put some in my left ear when the cream arrived, (and none in my right ear). I did the same late last night and this morning. I cannot believe that for the first time in 20 years I have an ear free of flaking. My right ear still has it and has suffered in the interests of science. I can't wait to go home and put some cream in that one as well. HOW DO YOU DO IT??? (I really didn't believe before!) Thank you, thank you.



Wife's cupboard is full of hair product
None are working, so what to do
I found my long lost angel
Peace at last, thank you Moo Goo!

Her scalp feels great, not like before
Hair wonderful, doesn't make her shudder,
I've thrown out all the other products
It's not this or that, but the udder!

She wanted her hair to feel like silk,
Found Moo Goo, makes her feel better.
This is the truth, yes of course, no bull....
Your product deserves this mooving letter.

Princesses used to have milk baths
Your idea and progress very very clever,
No more will she have a cow of a day,
Peace for me will last for heifer and heifer.

Lyn Edmonds Hubby


I bought some of your scalp cream two weeks ago (by the way your mail order is fantastically efficient and thanks for the trial tub) to use on my psoriasis. My scalp was badly affected, but after two days of using the cream it was beginning to clear. I was applying the cream every night and within a week my scalp had cleared completely. I've stopped using it for a week, to see how long it will be before I need to apply it again. I've used lots of different shampoos and creams - some are effective for a while and then don't work. The prescription cream I've been using is very greasy and hard to wash out, but the Moo Goo isn't. I'm going to try your shampoo and conditioner next. Thanks you so much and I hope I've found a product I can use for the rest of my life!

Sallyanne, QLD


I thought you might like to know this. I took the MSM cream home to apply on the kids. Hana (she is 3) has particularly dry and scaly bumpy skin. I applied the cream on her in the morning before dressing her up in her winter gear! That night, my husband was undressing her for the shower and screamed my name out loud. I thought "oh my god, she's had an allergic reaction". I quickly rushed to them and said "what's wrong what's wrong?" Eugene said "what did you put on her legs? The bumps are gone and her legs are so smooth!" I couldn't believe that in application, this was possible! I have since introduced the cream to my in-laws that has passed on the sensitive skin genes down to my children. They cannot stop raving about it. (It takes a lot to impress my in-laws.)

Kind regards,

I just wanted to say thank you so VERY much! Yesterday I bought the cream for eczema for my 16 weeks old baby Max. In day the redness from his face is gone and all the eczema spots all over his body don't look anywhere near as red and irritated. I also have put it on his head for his cradle cap as the store was all out of the scalp cream and at least half if not more of the cradle cap has lifted off. I have applied it 3 times in the last 22 hours (bought it at 11am yesterday). This truely is the answer to my . Thank you for making this available to the public. I have also bathed him in your goats milk soap. I can't believe how soft and beautiful his skin felt after bathing. Thank you once again. I will be telling EVERYONE about the cream! I also wanted you to know that over the past 3 months I have tried every baby product including leading brands recommended for eczema and he has either reacted with hives, screamed after applying it till I washed if off or just not done anything.



i just wanted to say thank you. you have saved my sanity. i have had a rash under my arms for 6 months i have tried every antifungal cream and steroid the drs could thik over i have spent hundreds on creams ans pills and ointments to no avail it was itchy and sore i stunk i couldn't wear deodourant because it was irritating (and living in cairns it wasnt a pleasant thing when you cant wear deodorant and sweat) anyway 2 days after i used the msa cream that i brought off you website no rash nothing my dr is now a moogoo praiser it has completely cleared up you would never have known that the was anything wrong now i can wear dresses again with out sleeves i want to thank you i also brought you anti ageing cream and psoriasis cream as i also suffer with that and well all i can say is where have you been all my life the anti aging cream has done wonderes i am a chef and burtn my face with hot oil 2yrs ago and since then have had severeflaking and redness on my forhead and nose and cheeks but 3 days aft.. (ed.rest of email was cut off)



Hi! I've been reading about your products for a while now, I first discovered them being discussed on the forums at dogzonline.com.au and then again at vogue.com.au. I finally tried them out for myself and was so excited to find out my local supplier (Healthy Life at Brookvale) had Moogoo! I bought the Udder Cream and after much success with the dry patches on my face, I'll be getting the shampoo and body wash next! So thanks so much for the fantastic products, they completely live up to everything I've read! I just had one little suggestion for the website, which I think would be a great addition for curious people like myself. I'd love to see something on the process of making the different products and maybe some photos of your workplace too.

Thanks again,


Dear Moogoo

I suffer from extremely sensitive skin and have had bouts of peri-oral dermatitis on and off for years. The only thing that helped was going on a course of antibiotics for 4-8 weeks at a time. I actually bought your products for my baby who was suffering from eczema. I was delighted to see that not only did her skin improve but so did mine! To say that I have tried so many products, both from the doctor as well as natural would be an understatement!. helped - except for MOOGOO.

It is fantastic to see that your products do as they say and even better. I am no longer feeling and frustrated at finding the right skin care for myself and my family. I am hooked and will continue to use your amazing products.

I have told my friends about Moogoo and would love it if you could contact Sunnybrook health store in Ormond Vic. They definitely need to know about your range of products.

Many thanks,
Vicki, Victoria.


Thank you, your products are great!! My 14 month old son has eczema all over his body, mainly on his stomach and back, and he was scratching and having very restless nights until we tried the eczema balm, MSM cream and milk wash, I have been applying the products for a week now and he has stopped scratching almost completely and the rash is slowly disappearing, he is also sleeping much better at night, thank you.

Nachelle NSW.


Unbelievable!! After hearing about the very good results on various skin conditions, I gave a tub of your ' cream' to my daughter - she has a 5 month old baby who has just started getting eczema, just a little bit behind her little chubby knees - but enough to worry my daughter. Would you believe she used the cream, after she had bathed her in your lovely soap too, and literally in the morning there was practically no sign of the eczema at all - we had trouble finding any trace of it - we are astounded to say the least! Thanks so much for a wonderful product - we will trying the others in due course, cheers



Hello MooGoo,

I had to write to you about how you have saved my husbands itchy flaky scalp! In all the years I have known my husband (15yrs) he has had this scalp problem. No matter what we tried, and that was a lot of products, nothing seem to work as well as your shampoo and conditioner! We are just so happy we have ordered the same again. Thank you so much for what you have done for us.

On another note, my nephew had pretty bad acne being a growing teenager. He was using a well known brand from the tv, but it didn't seem to help him much, so I decided to try him on the cleanser and udder cream.

After just 2 weeks, the acne has cleared on his nose and has started clearing over his face! It has really seem to calm the inflammation and he is very happy. He will be continuing to use it until I get him another batch!

I am just so pleased with what your products have done for us, that I am now going to try the shampoo, conditioner and eczema cream on my dog, who suffers quite severely from skin irritation. It is so bad that he has bald patches from his constant scratching. Will keep you posted!

Thank you so much!
Adriana, VIC


Hi there,

Yesterday I received the parcel with a very nice surprise, a sample of . And I can't thank you enough for that. Recently diagnosed with perioral dermatitis I thought that I won't be able to use any moisturisers on my face ever again. But this cream is indeed a [edited due to regulations*]!! Right after putting it on my face the redness and itching started to disappear!! I know it's been only one day but I can see a big difference and I hope it will just keep getting better:) Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!!



Hi Moogooers,

We received our parcel of goodies and started using your products straight away. In 3 days our sons head had cleared up. He's had psoriasis so bad that he would be in tears.


Your products are the best that we have ever used and we are so grateful that we came across moogoo. Our son can run his hands through his hair like any other person. He can get a hair cut without . These things that anyone who hasn't had psoriasis takes for granted . Thank you once again and our family is now a moogoo products family.

Russell, SA


Hi Herd

We absolutely love your products and just can’t get enough of it.

As a mum of two boys (one has light eczema and the other one is only 3 months old) I’m really looking for good products to put on my baby’s skin. I recently tried the shampoo and it is fantastic. Also the eczema cream seems to help a lot more than any other creams – especially when it gets spread all over the floor by my 2 year old one.

...So now to get to the point...can you make more products that are especially for babies? I would be certainly a good customer!!! Thanks so much for making great products and I hope to see more of it in the future. (Ed: All our products are just as gentle for babies as adults.)

MooMoo, Eve


Dear Moogoo,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! My 3 year old daughter has been suffering from eczema since she was 5 months old. I have tried over the counter cream, nearly every cream the doctor could prescribe for eczema, and just about natural cream i could find that said it help with eczema. HELPED.

I have also had her allergy tested, then put her on a diet of certain foods. Still did not see any improvement. Then i heard about moogoo, so that was the next thing to try on my list.

I decided to try your shampoo and conditoner first as my daughter was also starting to suffer from a really dry scalp. After the 4th wash, i was amazed. No more dry scaly scalp. Since the shampoo and conditoner worked so well. I definatly decided to try your cream. I put it on her that night after she had a shower and when she woke the next morning I was AMAZED. It had made her eczema nearly disappear. I couldn't believe out of everything i have tried, within 24 hours this cream had improved her skin where her eczema was so bad. I have only been using the msm cream for week now and I can't wait to purchase your other products to use on my daughters skin. Especially the eczema and psoriasis balm.

Thank you so much. NO MORE !

Lacey qld


Hi Herd,

Just wanted to write and say I am officially ADDICTED to your udder creams. I ordered the skim milk first, but loved it too much, so went off to a health food store which stocks your stuff and bought the full cream and anti-aging varieties. Now my skim milk travels with me everywhere, and I am continuously applying it to my hands, face and legs just to keep the scent on me, and the full cream stays at home to be applied liberally after every shower. I'm 23, and don't need an anti-aging product, but it's just a great face cream, and I use it as an eye cream too. I just CANNOT rave enough. I'm seriously a customer for life, so I really hope you guys will be around forever!

Made another stop at the health store and picked up the conditioner and goat milk soap, and I can't wait to try them (luckily they didn't have the milk wash, or I would have bought it too!)

Thanks so much for the awesome products, will continue using them forever.



Hi there...

I am a mother of three children, ranging in age from 12 to 4. I have been dealt the crawl blow of my son having atopic eczema since a few months old. We have tried everything from the typical creams, over the counter moisturizers, dermatologists, immunologists, Naturopathy, dietician, the list is endless as to what you try as a parent!!

Recently my son Zahne who is 8 has just started his first session of desensitization and will shortly begin uvb phototherapy. He has a massive amount of air born allergies which require a lot of attention. His skin has also began to thin due to prolonged use of creams. A very good friend of mine gave me your web site and told me to have a look, highly recommending the eczema cream. We have now just finished using the eczema and psoriasis balm and I am amazed at the results, not only is his skin from all redness, we have not even had a breakout now for two weeks!! I am so amazed at the results that I have a tear in my eye typing this!! I have just ordered our second amount of cream and will also try the milk bath. Thank you so much for finely giving my son the freedom of soft skin for the first time in many, many years.

I will be recommending you to our dermatologist, and every other person who has a skin disorder.

Kind Regards Tamara & Z, SA

What's that shiney thing you're holding?


Hi Moo-Goo Gurus!

Gotta tell you, I've tried just about every over-the-counter cream for my hand & foot exzema/psoriasis that's out there on the market, and there aint nothing out there better than Moo-Goo!. I've been raving, RAVING I TELL YOU!!! I go into pharmacies and tell them so they'll stock it for other people to get the same relief as I've had. I told my Dermatologist so he can recommend it to others too. No other creams have helped to keep my skin as moist, or helped it to heal and calm down, like Moo-Goo does. I know it's not going to heal my condition, but the relief it gives improves my quality of life tremendously, and that's life changing. When the skin is constantly moist, there's less peeling and flaking, therefore less itching and pain. I can go about my day without having to live and breathe my awful condition.

Half a tub of the MSM cream was first given to me by my sister-in-law to try, as I had given up buying & trying new creams ages ago. I loved it, but ran out before I could replace it unfortunately. I then found your website and ordered my Moo-Goo Psoriasis & Excema Cream, MSM cream, MIlk wash & Goats milk soap. My hands & feet were once again dry and angry, I was hangin out for the order to arrive, and it did just 3 days later. Moo-Goo is non-greasy, nice smelling, all natural, and does what it says it will do, you gotta love it! I'll continue to spread the word, it's great stuff.

By the way, we love your website and those beautiful cows, they're gorgeous!

Thank goodness for my sister-law-law, Heather, and Moo-Goo. Thank you!

Caroline, QLD, Aust


Dear Moo Goo,

I should have written to you about 6 mths ago but I've been so busy living life that I haven't gotten around to it. You see on the advice of a dermatologist and gp etc I have been applying many different creams and {edited due to regulations] to my daughters skin and it's taken up a lot of our time. Her eczema was so bad I was even slathering her in creams whilst she slept. The only part of her body that was not effected by eczema was her face.

It was heartbreaking.I was literally tearing my hair out looking for an answer. I was getting very upset with our doctor and couldn't work out why there was nothing on the market that could help us. I then stumbled across your website after reading a few stories on a parenting forum. Our lives were changed forever. I purchased the MSM Soothing Cream and the Eczema Balm. It didn't happen straight away but I persisted as she didn't have an immediate adverse reaction (as she had to other creams). We've been using the MSM Soothing Cream since December 2009 and I'm over the moon to say that her skin is the most beautiful it has ever been. I've gone from having a little girl at the start of the year that was embarrassed to start Kindy because of her eczema and thought the other kids would tease her to a little girl that runs up to me and says "look how lovely my skin looks!". Unbelievable! Sooo, my suggestion would be a big bottle of MSM Soothing please! The tubs just aren't cutting it for us. We use it twice a day and I basically empty the shelves of our local health food store when I make a purchase!

We also combine the MSM Soothing with the Milk Wash and your Shampoo & Conditioner.

Thank you so very much Moo Goo!

Kind regards,
Nic (Castle Hill NSW)


I work in Pharmacy and do the buying for the stock. I have recently purchased the product and now can honestly say i am now a Moo Goo ADDICT!! I have overly sensitive skin and after years of using "organic", "natural" products (which cost a fortune) i was ready for a change.. You guys rock! Within 3 days of using the Combination Oil Cleanser and Anti Aging Moisturiser my skin is not red, irritated, itchy, its amazing. The product feels like heaven. I have had so many comments in 3 days about my stunning skin (from absolute strangers too) its truly amazing. I get excited at shower time just because I know I can use my Moo Goo!! Sounds silly, but hey, when finally something finally works and makes me glow, Im excited!! Any chance of an exfoliator??!! Honestly, LOVE YA WORK!!



Just wanted to say Thank you!! What fantastic products. I went down to my local health food store to buy your product, your stock just walks out the door. I heard customers talking about how great your creams are. It is so good to see affordable, quality products that are Australian made. Great job guys!




I don't often provide feedback, but in this case I really felt it was necessary to do so.

I am so so very impressed with the products we ordered and received from you so promptly yesterday. My mum and I really enjoyed not only the purchasing process - reading your detailed comments on each product, but also the fantastic array on offer.

I have already used my anti-ageing moisturiser, deodorant and lip balm and I can honestly say that I love each one. I have tried every deodorant on the market now and none have provided me with the same dry, non-sticky feeling at the end of the day.

The lip balm is also working wonders compared to the paw paw ointment I have been slathering on for so long.

I am also delighted with the moisturiser and definately will not be opting for the high-end designer brands I have previously purchased in the past.

I am looking forward to testing out the shampoo and conditioner and have great confidence that we will be equally as impressed as I am with the products I have tried thus far.

I will be spreading the word and definately coming back again so thank you for your honest, high quality products and excellent service.

Yours faithfully,


HI MooGoo

I just wanted to get in touch again. My 14 mth old girl has quite bad dermatitis on her back. It started with just a tiny spot that has grown to cover maybe two thirds of her back over a period of 2 - 3 months. The Dr told me that using xxxx ointment [edited due to regulations] for 3 weeks and having 1 week off was fine, although I wasn't so keen, having heard the side effects of cortisone!

I have been trying many natural creams and balms that promise much, but just don't help her skin. When I purchased the Skin Soothing Cream with MSM I was hopeful but quietly skeptical, given the results (or lack of) I'd had with other products. I purchased this cream yesterday, got it home at 11:30am, and by 11am today I could see an improvement! I had probably applied it 2 - 3 times yesterday & twice this morning at nappy changes. Her rash is no longer fiery red. It still has a way to go, but it already looks so much better!

Thank you so much. In a week I have gone from having only just heard (herd?!) of your products to now owning 4 of them! I think I may be addicted!

Thank you again, and if my baby girl could, she would say a big thank you too!


Hi just want to say I love your new roll on deo, I have tried so many aluminium free deo's that promise they are effective and they end up not being any use, but yours is great and the skin under my arms to so soft now also. I was sceptical when I saw you mention it could be reapplied if necessary as if its necessary to reapply then it means it hasnt worked and if is hasnt worked then before reapplying any deo you need to wash/freshen up and in the middle of a working day thats not always possible, but I was so pleased its really effective even during a hot busy day, thank you sooooo much :) oh I must mention about the wording on your deo label, its says to apply to wet the skin but as I also use your msm cream and that has to be applied to wet skin which is unusual, when I first read the deo label I misread it and thought it too had to be applied to wet skin, I dont think its necessary to say that as any roll on will wet your skin when you put it on, anyway just some feedback.



A friend recently let me try some Moo Goo cream for my Eczema which was painful and embarassing. It was the best thing I have ever used. I promptly looked up your site, read it from top to toe and ordered up a storm. Looking forward to receiving it. Just a thought....I have been telling anyone that will listen about your stuff and thought that perhaps you could have a Facebook page. Might help to spread the word a little more. Thank you. Keep up the good work. You are my saving grace.

Lea, WA



I just wanted to say - I LOVE MOO GOO. Since I was 11 Cows have been my favourite animals, so you can imagine my reaction to seeing a MooGoo add! It smells sooo nummy, my partner is always telling me he loves the smell and that I should work for MooGoo, because I never shut up about it.

Several people will be receiving MooGoo products for x-mas this year. Thanks for making a delicious product and thank you sooo much for using images of adorable moo cows.

Alison, 20 years young, QLD


I just wanted to say what a fabulous product moogoo is! my husband uses the eczema cream with great results and I just love the milk wash and the face cream. recommended to me by a friend(I could see the results on her face!) and now I recommend it to everyone I know. good quality stuff thats affordable!! well done to all involved.



Having endured years of cryotherapy on my face i used last winter and for the healing process have been using moogoo udder cream twice daily i can not believe the texture and appearance of my skin and friends keep asking me what am i doing to look so well thank you for a great product and looking forward to using pots and pots of udder cream i find it most effective as i perspire very heavily and for whatever reason the cream disappears and doesnt clog my skin thanks again.





Hi Craig, Karen and Che!

Many thanks for my order which I received this morning! I applied the deodorant as soon as I opened it (because I realised that I forgot to do that this morning....I have found you can do that with 2 little boys demanding attention!), so far so good. I can’t wait to email you with the results of my trial with your deodorant!

Thank you for the extra little gift of the sample milk soap...very surprised and very happy to give that a go, as I really do prefer the goats milk soap and natural soaps to the general popular brands.

Very well packaged and presented products... posted with great care also.

All the best to your team,
Kind regards, Jennifer


We received our order and all the accompanying literature, for which we thank you.

There's some confusion over the Udder cream. The instructions are somewhat cryptic. For instance, where is says: "Apply udder cream to udder after each milking..." does that translate to: "Apply udder cream to the breast after feeding..." - ?

Is the udder cream specifically a cream for breastfeeding mothers OR should we sell it more as a general purpose moisturiser? [Ed: Its a repair moisturiser..can be used after breast feeding however]


Cara and Shirley


Hi just want to say I love your new roll on deo, I have tried so many aluminium free deo's that promise they are effective and they end up not being any use, but yours is great and the skin under my arms to so soft now also. I was sceptical when I saw you mention it could be reapplied if necessary as if its necessary to reapply then it means it hasnt worked and if is hasnt worked then before reapplying any deo you need to wash/freshen up and in the middle of a working day thats not always possible, but I was so pleased its really effective even during a hot busy day, thank you sooooo much :) oh I must mention about the wording on your deo label, its says to apply to wet the skin but as I also use your msm cream and that has to be applied to wet skin which is unusual, when I first read the deo label I misread it and thought it too had to be applied to wet skin, I dont think its necessary to say that as any roll on will wet your skin when you put it on, anyway just some feedback.



Hi Karen

Also ... an update ... I have very dry elbows with eczema (also on my upper arms) and in a week the Full Cream MooGoo has pretty much cleared it all!! - IN A WEEK! I feel so wonderful having 'yummy' skin again having found your product, because for so many years I have been disappointed with medicated products (especially not knowing whats in them!) ... so thanks again!

Kind regards





My 2yo son started getting eczema on his face for the first time 9 months ago. We started the 'allergy trail' and started using a 'sensitive wash' recommended by the pharmacist. We cut out dairy - didn't work.. we cut out preservatives - didn't work. we cut out eggs and strawberries - NOTHING WORKED. Around his face ears eyes and underarms is where his was worst. I then came across an old friend - who looked at my 2yos face and told me to try moogoo.

So I did. He was back on his regular diet - nothing removed.. only difference was MOOGOO. I bought the shampoo, bodywash and the 'eczems and psoriasis balm.' 1 week later, I noticed a difference, 2 weeks later it was much better. One month later, he now has NOTHING. I am so so so happy!!

I then started to use it on my 6yo who started to get psoriasis on the back of his elbows for the first time (SIGH) I literally used it once and noticed a difference, and 2 weeks later you can hardly notice it!

So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! My husbands a doctor and instantly wanted to use , I wanted to try natual first, much to him mocking me - and now he also is converted and it!!



Just wanted to pass on to you how delighted I am with your SMS soothing cream and goats milk soap. I've been using them for the past few months now and they're really brilliant! My skin is prone to breakouts and other irritations but your soap and cream have calmed my skin down so much, and the best of the best, it's all natural. Love it! I also use your lip balms as well. They're great too. So lovely to apply. I've always got one handy where ever I go. Please keep these products on the market. Don't know what I'd do if they were to disappear!

Thanks again.

Hi there to the MooGoo team.

Just wanted to let you know that we,here in Tauranga,New Zealand just love the products we have received from your company.

I have now started getting the excema balm for my elderly neighbour,who has had many problems with her skin.She is thrilled with the balm and wishes me to get her more with my next order.

I ordered the first lot for my Grandson,who had bad excema and the balm and MSM cream helped tremendously. His Mum now orders it on a regular basis from you.(Nikki Valois,from Auckland). We have the balm.the MSM,the lip balm,the milk wash and the deodorant. The team forgot to put my soap sample in the parcel,but that's fine,I'm sure it is a fine product as well.Maybe next order,you could pop one infor us to try.

Many thanks for discovering such an awesome collection of products,we love them and we be staying with them permanently. Cheers to you all,


I would like to kindly THANK YOU for your incredible products.

Yesterday I purchased your anti-ageing cream and milk cleanser with all 3 of your soaps. The cleanser and moisturiser is truly beautiful and highly effective. It almost repaired my skin instantly even after using it twice. I had been using too many harsh chemicals on my face and have caused seriously dry skin to an already dry skin. I can't wait to use the soaps; the entire bathroom smells delicious. Thank-you again and please don't stop making your brilliant products. xo



Hi staff at MooGoo, I justed wanted to give you some feed back about your products. I brought the full milk udder cream, soap & cream from a Health store & online. The msm cream was very good as I had a rash on my leg and now it has almost faded away and is not itchy. I had tried other products, but they did not seem to work. The full milk cream is good too. It is very gentle for the face and body. Will you be making a cream for extra dry skin - in the future.? (similar to the udder cream). I hope that your products will become availble in more stores - in the future



Would like to share a funny story about your udder cream.! I purchased your udder cream a few weeks ago and have had a dramatic difference with my skin. I noticed some dry patches of skin on my legs and decided to apply my udder cream. Sitting at the table after applying it had to continually chase my dog from licking my leg. This went on for ages and i finally applied some on my hand and allowed the dog to lick there instead of my leg. He licked my hand clean and sat waiting for more. This went on until I squeezed a small amount into my hand and gave to him. This morning i found my empty tube with the bottom section chewed and completely empty. I showed it to the dog and he just sat down as if waiting for more! he has no nasty side effects, just a yearning for more! not only is this a fantastic product for human skin but my dog loves it as well !! (I do hope you can see the funny side to this?) thanks.



Hi. I have just placed an order for your products for my son who has had a transplant and has a case of . One of the parents of another child gave me a sample "blob" of the psoriasis and eczema cream - I tried it on his hand and within I could see a difference. He has had such a huge problem with skin rashes and allergic reactions to , medications, tapes and dressings - I am hoping I have found the answer to his problems. He is currently extremely itchy, and - his has further dried his skin out -and it is peeling in sheets.

I would truly appreciate it if you could send these products to me as soon as possible so I can try them all on my son and try to make him a little more comfortable.

Thank you.

Kindest Regards.



Comment: Just want to say THANK YOU for your beautiful Moo Goo products. I purchased the udder cream (full) and a cake of your soap (buttermilk) from DVC in Cronulla on Wednesday. I LOVE IT. My kids LOVE IT. My daughter is 18 months old and actually brings the tub of cream over to me to put it on. Their skin after the winter was pretty dry and its made them look just gorgeous. My own skin was having trouble after a "mineral facial" a few months ago, and purchasing products that were supposedly "natural" (and way more expensive than yours) - my face was bumpy, with breakouts (which I NEVER used to get) and blotchy dry patches. Seriously - I can't stop touching my face - its so smooth and lovely! I will tell all my friends about you! Great job...I can't wait to try out the milk wash and deodorant!




I received the replacement package today. Thankyou, I wasnt expecting the replacememnt of the whole order! that was very generous. I will not only be recommending your products to everyone but also your customer service. Thanks again and we look forward to using Moo goo well into the future :)

Warm regards

Hi There, just an email to let you know how happy i was with your products and service. I purchased some products last week as a birthday gift for my mum, as i had seen it in the health food shops and checked it out online. Mum was really pleased with MooGoo and is already getting some great results, especially as you had included a sample of the excema cream. Your service was really quick and the letter included for mum explaining the products (personally signed no less!) was a really nice touch and very helpful too. I now have plans to buy the products for myself and look forward to trying all your stuff! Thanks again



Hi all at Moogoo,

This is just a quick note to say I received the product today,that I ordered from you guys earlier this week. You enclosed a sample of the milk bath, which I think is just sensational!!! It was my first purchase from you guys but not my last,in fact, as soon as this email is sent I'm off to the web site to order more product!!

Once again, I think you guys are just great, and for the girls in the field a special message: moo, moo, moo, moo, moo. (trust me, they'll know what it means).



Being in customer service for a very long time, I have never had the pleasure of receiving such a prompt response in this day and age - and I can tell you it's so genuinely refreshing!

In regards to your products, I love them all, the creams, bath wash, etc - I have extremely curly hair and have been struggling for such a long time to get a product that is free from chemicals (I've had health issues so only use organic/natural products) - I shampoo my hair very infrequently but condition it daily, and your 'cream' conditioner is fantastic for girls with curly hair like mine - if you go onto any forum online to look at curly hair products in Australia, you'll be hard pressed to find any that aren't full of harmful chemicals - I went to the drastic measure of getting some products from the US a few months ago until I discovered your 'cream' - it really is great.

Thanks again.


Hello MooGoo

Thank you so much for your trial pot of MSM cream! I have very sensitive skin and my eczema was very painful and itchy. I was allergic to the cream that I ordered, the Eczema Balm and so I tried the MSM. It was so soothing!

I have given the balm to my Mum, as she is not so allergic and I know that it will help her eczema.

My eczema has almost disappeared, in less than a ! The itching stopped after a few applications. What a HUGE relief. I had been suffering, trying so many different natural remedies for weeks and I was embarrassed about the ugly skin around my neck that I couldn't cover up.

My friends are amazed and I told them about your Anti-ageing face cream as well. It is so lovely on my sensitive skin. The healthy glow remains all day!

Thank you for your lovely products. They do the job and they smell so good as well!




Hi again. I can't thank you enough for sending me the sample jar of . I've only been using it for 24hrs and there has been a improvement. The rash on my arm is the best its been for weeks. Weeks of creams didn't have any affect on it at all but yet the has reduced the redness of the rash. Last night was the best sleep i've had for weeks. I didn't wake up once to scratch my arm! I'll continue to use the because it obviously works better than any creams. You have a remarkable product and its a product that i'll be recommending to many friends who suffer from allergies, eczema etc. Thanks again, you've made me one very happy lady. Kind Regards.



Dear MooGoo

I have now been using Moo Goo, MSM cream, Goat milk soap, Eczema & psoriasis balm, shampoo and conditioner since Mid Nov last year, 2009. My skin has improved dramatically and I'm so happy. I have struggles with eczema for 20 years (since I was 5) and since using Moo Goo products my skin is the best it has ever been.

Thank you for you help back in Nov.


I could give you cows a great big hug!!! I have a 10mth old son who has suffered with eczema since he was 8weeks old. For the past 5 months I have had to use a topical cream to keep his eczema under control.

This would break my heart as I didn't want to subject him to such a treatment but I couldn't stand to see him in so much discomfort and be at risk of getting infections. I actually tried the MooGoo Eczema cream about 3 months ago but it had little effect. I was so disappointed as I had heard so many good things about the product. But I have recently worked out a couple of my son's triggers (broccoli of all things!) and I have once again tried the MooGoo Eczema cream and his skin is looking great!!! I haven't had to use his cream for the past few days. The MooGoo Eczema cream seems to take the redness out of his 'hotspots' within and he must like the smell as he'll happily lay still whilst I rub it in.

Caroline, VIC


hi guys,

i got my then 18 month old daughter the eczema and psoriasis balm while on holidays at my parents, having forgotten the usual creams we were using. within a few weeks, we noticed a big improvement in her eczema and less skin dryness in general. even now, 7 months later, if i don't use it for a few days it starts to reappear, proving its effectiveness. i have just searched for a stockist in Dubbo (as mum has been sending it over lol) and will go for a sticky this week. having dry skin myself i may have to invest in some of my own moo goo! Thanks.



Hello, I recently (last week) bought a tube of your excema cream to use on my son's excema which was shocking with this aweful heat we've been having. I am so pleased to finally find a product that works. I was starting to panick about how much cortisone he was needing to keep it under control and when I took him to the doctor and told her this, she perscribed a heavier dose ... However, I do have some questions. We have used most of the tube in 1 week because of the hot weather. That's a lot of stuff to be pouring on your 2 y/o's skin without knowing . I know your product is natural, but so are and . Natural things (especially in high doses) have too. Are you aware of any from the eczema balm?[Nope..it is GOOD for your skin]



Hi There, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your products!

I originally bought them for my baby girl who had excema, which it cleared up in a few weeks and now we only have a break out when she eats something she shouldn't... We now use MooGoo for the whole family! Recently I was sunburnt whilst stuck on the side of the road with a broken down car - my lower legs were RED! I couldn't walk the next day, I was in ... I tried an Aloe Vera product containg a pain reliever and a spray containg the same stuff but I think I must of had a reaction to them as instead of relieving my pain and discomfort, it made it soooo much worse! My mum suggested using the cream - from the first application, my pain lessened, the burning eased, redness faded and I was able to walk! Within a few hours while I was still sore, I was able to wear clothing, walk and sleep without problems... It saved my sanity! I applied every few hours and it was blessed relief... Thank you MooGoo!!!



Just wanted to say THANKYOU for your product! I am absolutley amazed with the Eczema and Psoriasis cream. My 6 month old baby had terrible Ezcema behind one of her ears, which looked as if her ear was .....

after trying some other creams, I found Moo Goo her ear cleared up after using the cream 3 times a day for 9 days. I get right behind companies who are true to their word and I reccomend your product to everyone I can.

Thankyou again, you are one product that i will continue to use and certianly continue to advocate.

Tracey and baby Yumi :)


Hi guys, Thank you so much for producing a cream that my 7mth old doesnt react too. For 4mths now we have been throwing money away on creams he was allergic tooo and his eczema wasnt getting any better. Not even 2 days and its on the improve with your Eczema balm. I could cry im so relieved. My question is now...which moisturiser should i get for him...the Full Cream or Skim? He is super dry and very sensitive. THANK YOU XXX



Hi, I just wanted to let you know how awesome your product is! My son is 3mths old and starting suffering from eczema about a month ago and then it spread to his tummy and back and a couple products helped for like 2 days then that's it. My GP told me to use cream, which I wasn't keen on. It helped but still left a faint mark and flaky skin. I came across your product by chance of a link on a forum I go on and I read the info about your eczema balm etc. I bought some 3 days ago as well as a tub of the MSM cream and some Milk Wash. Wow! My sons eczema has cleared up within the last days. Especially in the problem area which is his head. Still a bit flaky but the lumps and redness has gone. The bad patches on his back have as well! I will def recommend your product to my friends and anyone with little kids who have skin issues. Thanks for making something that actually works and I'm glad it works for me.



Hi guys - just a quick note to let you know a grouse story. I am a MooGoo convert and have been for a little while. A friend of mine at mum's group (all our bubbas are 7 months-ish) has a GORGEOUS blossom who has an eczema type rash all over her head, which is really uncomfortable and itchy for her. She'd scratch til it bled, poor little one, so she had rash and little scratches everywhere. In my last MooGoo order I asked you if you'd supply a sample of what would be best for her, which you kindly did. The rash which covered this little bub's entire head has now pretty much gone.

My friend stopped using the cream, and it came back, and started using it again and it went again. There's no doubt it's you guys that fixed her up.

Thanks so much for all your great work. Ripper Queenslanders. Love the ad competition by the way. And the prize going to DWB or RSPCA. Love your work.



Hi MooGoo, Many thanks for your humble and amazing products. I cannot remember how I stumbled across them, but thank goodness I did. I have bought online and now our local pharmacy has it all in stock. My 13 year old son has suffered from eczema for a few years on his scalp. It was weeping so badly, it took 3 courses of just to clear up the infection over his whole head. Then he was prescribed a months supply of , which did not clear up the eczema, but kept any infection at bay.

We tried the milk shampoo for a month and it looked better each day! Then I purchased the scalp cream and the eczema has 99% gone! It is almost a [edited due to regulations*], and my son has been trying new looks with his hair now, because he is not so self conscious of his head. Thank you MooGoo, I will pass on your good work to all (our medical centre knows all about you now!). Thanks



We also wanted to let you know that last week we tried your Eczema and Psoriasis Balm on our 2 1/2 year old daughter who suffers from quiet severe eczema. Her skin has been inflamed due to the dry whether of late so we bought a tube to try - and we were amazed at the results. After just days of use her normally dry, red and itchy skin had cleared up, along with the sores and scratches she had made all over her little body. She also has been sleeping through the night instead of waking up a number of times scratching and itching. Previously she could not be put to bed without wearing a body suit to stop the scratching of her trunk area, but she hasn't had to wear one for days. Her skin appears normal and clear again.

Since she was a very little baby we have been trailing many products with only marginal results. It is nice to have something other than creams that actually gives her relief. We will certainly continue using your product. Thanks again

James and Cameille


Hi guys....

This is my 7.5mth old gorgeous little boy Wil. He has had eczema since he was about 10weeks old. From around 3mths his face has been , red, weeping and continously dry & itchy. Aswell as being prescribed cream after cream we struggled to find something he wasnt allergic too. Thank god i stumbled across MooGoo. I initially bought the Eczema Balm and tested this to see if there was a reaction.....and there was NONE. As soon as i knew we were in that department and i noticed the redness subsiding i looked up a moisturiser and bought the MSM & the Body Wash. As you can see after about a week this is what he looks like! FANTASTIC. We still have a little way to go but from a new mum tearing her hair out and a little boy shredding himself from itching a HUGE THANK YOU. We are only using your products now and have recommended you to everyone i know.

XX Krystal, Ben & Wil


Thank you! Your MSM Cream and Ezcema Balm have done for my 2year old son what could not. He has suffered on and off with mild Ezcema since he was a newborn. Recently he has had a outbreak which could not be tamed (and in fact was made worse) by all the creams, baths and . By the time we were sent to a specialist my son had cracked, ezcema to all parts of his body except his face, neck and hands. We were given another long list of creams to try and things to do, including put bleach in my son's bath water! I walked out of that office, threw the prescriptions that I had been given in the bin and disregarded everything I was told. I had looked up your website the day previous so I went to the Chemist and bought both the MSM cream and the Ezcema balm and started applying them both twice a day. It's been 4 days and my son's skin is beautiful. Considering how damaged it was I'm amazed at how quickly it's heal ed and how soft it feels.



I have been using Full Cream at night, and the Anti-Ageing for day time for about 3 months. Recently I have have had so many people comment on how young I look that it is a bit embarrassing. I'm 43. My skin is definitely much smoother and softer, with less wrinkles. Highly recommend.



Hi There! I didn't even know about MooGoo until last night when I saw a thread from a lady raving about the products. So... I read everything on the web page, read everyone's letters and skipped to my local health food store this morning to buy some products. I went a little nuts and purchased the milk wash,anti ageing cream,eczema and psoriasis balm and the full cream moisturiser. Seeing as I am a typical cynic from Sydney, I thought these products will be lovely but won't have any real effect. Well how wrong was I, in fact I can't stop touching my face as I type this. My skin feels amazing. I was intentionally emailing in to ask what can I use around my eyes as I suffer from ezema on my eyelids from time to time. I used the anti ageing cream and the tingling I felt all afternoon on my eyelids (a sign the ezema wants to put on a show) has gone, completely gone which never happens.

So much for my glycolic acid skin care products...I should add ..rather expensive glyc olic acid products.

...(the next day)...I guess I got very excited with the email! The last bit just said I was paying alot for glycolic acid skin care products that have done nothing for me.

My sister said to me today that I look fantastic :D I wanted to ask though, are there any thoughts into bringing out a facial exfoliator? Now that would be lovely to use.

I am off to shout the word and plaster MooGoo all over my facebook page Thankyou again



Hi, I have only just started using your product, 7 days to be exact. I am using the face cleanser, the anti-ageing cream and the hand cream. My face feels amazing. I have even had a few comments on how good my face looks. I think I shall be using Moogoo for quiet a while and will recommend to friends and family.




Hi there, I just wanted to congratulate you on having a fantastic range of products. I have been using your face cream for some time and I think my skin is the healthiest its ever been. However, the most remarkable results have come from my dad - he has suffered from psoriasis for years and also has severe cracks and dryness on his hands in winter due to the cold and his skin's sensitivity. One week using your soothing cream completely cleared the problem up and he hasn't had it back - and it's been a while now! I was amazed at the results, particularly because he has used so many different products over the years with little or no positive results. Thank you so much for your [edited due to regulations*] creams!! Regards,




Hi, I just wanted to tell you that i absolutly love all your products, i think i have just about all of them. They do wonders for my skin and i have tried so many different products. Its such a great mixture that it doesn't leave my skin oily or anything and i just want ot keep putting more on because it just soaks in so well. I really really wish you would do a huge container of your full cream with a pump top on it. Would this be something you look at doing in thr near future? I live in the country so i can only buy it online, i run out so fast and it would be really convenient.

Thanks heaps to your great team.


Would love some. Have recruited 3 new customers after 2 days use of the MSM cream -all red heads with damage to face, arms and back of hands. Will also be informing my GP. Dermatologist was not able to help. Will also tell my Naturopath.



Hi there, I was writing to congratulate your company on a range of wonderful product. I am a Writer/Journalist, and have been writing about natural health for many years as that is my passion. Having sampled many other products of a similar nature, I have found that those produced by MooGoo are far superior in quality and contain the least additives making them also the simplest commercial products I have tried. As an exzema sufferer I will endearvour to try the entire Moo Goo range of specialty creams. Kind regards, Vanessa PS: I spotted a typo in the blurb about mouthwash that you may want to correct. Australia's biggest selling mouthwash has around 26 per cent alcohol. Alcohol mouthwash strongly/strongly linked to cancer by The Dental Journal.



I've never bothered writing testimonials before but I am so impressed with your product. After applying a well known moisturiser to my face it tingled and reddened and felt so tight and dry the next day. I thought vaseline might sooth & heal but it caused more problems instead. A friend who has psoriasis told me about Moogoo. I must say I was a bit septical but willing to try anything to get relief. The 'Full Cream' product has really relieved all and I will continue to use it....Thank you & keep up the good work!



Hi, I would not usually take the time to write to a company but i found moo goo in a magazine advert and went to buy some immeadiately. I have suffered scalp psorisis for so long and i had been told i would just have to live with it. The moo goo scalp balm fixed the hairline psorisis the first time i ever applied it, and i am so pleased with it i cannot wait to get the moisturiser and shampoo and conditioner. I love the fact that i know every ingredient in it.That's never happened before. It makes my skin feel amazing and smell even better. I've even been using it on my face. I've used every salon shampoo out there from inexpensive to expensive, and none did at all what moo goo did in one application. I can't thank you enough.



Hi, I just wanted to let you know how great your products are. I have been a scalp psorriasis suffer all my life and until now have been using tar based shampoos on my hair. When I fell pregnant a few months ago I decided to try you shampoo and conditioner. Within a couple of weeks of using your products my scalp has cleared almost completely. Your shampoo & conditioner leaves my hair soft & silky unlike the tar based products. I can never go back to using normal shampoos & conditioners again. Keep Up The Good Work. Kind Regards



Hi Guys, FORTY FIVE years I have had scalp problems from shampoo allergy. Your soothing cream and shampoo/conditioner has ended all that and vitually overnight. I can't believe it! I now can feel the wind through my hair and am not embarrassed to have my hair cut. please never go out of business.



Thank you! We had tried everything (and some of it was seriously disgusting) to get rid of my 6 year old son's 'cradle cap'.

Conventional treatments and a dermatologist would do a temp job, but it always came back... usually worse than before. I spotted MooGoo Scalp Cream lurking on an Amcal shelf, though, 'What the hell... I'll give this a go.' and after three days, his scalp was clear. That was two months ago and his scalp is still clean as a whistle.



I have a secret to confess. I have been a fan of all your Moo Goo products and am a mad online buyer. Recently on a family camping trip I was told to take only the bare essentials to which of course I packed all your products, when I got there I realized that I had forgot to pack shampoo. You saved us with your Moo Goo milk wash we all used it our hair has never looked shinier or felt softer. Thankyou you saved the day. Kind Regards



To the MooGoo Crew, I just had to share with you my testament to MooGoo. I have had Psorasis in my scalp for over 15 years, I have tried every shampoo ,cream and prescription lotion know to man. After reading about MooGoo in Thats Life! magazine, I was willing to give anything a go.

Well what can I say, after 3 days my scalp isn't burning ,and the scabs are healing,which rarely happens, my hair also feels soft and silky. I am a convert and have rang my sister who suffers as well, and told her she MUST get some. Keep up the great work. Yours Faithfully,



Love, love, love Moo Goo shampoo & conditioner! No itch, no flakes, no breakouts around my hairline and my hair is nice and shiny! Fan for life!

Connie, Newtown NSW


Good afternoon,

I recently received my second order from you of full cream and anti aging cream. They are wonderful. I also wanted to tell you that after two washes of your shampoo my dry, irritated scalp is completely normal. It has not been this good for years. And I do mean about 10 years. This is all I will ever use from now on.

Many, many thanks
Sharon in Melbourne


Hi everyone at MooGoo! I recently ordered the Shampoo and Conditioner at your online shop because I was searching for something that could calm my red and itchy skin and make those ugly dandruffs go away. I was suffering from this for my whole life and now I've finally found 'the Holy Grail' for my skin and hair. My hair is soooo soft and my scalp is as healthy as it has never been before. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I wish you all the best from Germany

Nadine, Germany


Hi All,

Just had to write about the success of your scalp cream. My Dad is 85 and suffers from a very itchy scalp. Kept him (and Mum) awake at night and was a constant irritation. He tried everything, creams, lotions, pills, you name it, he tried it! With no relief. Doctors couldn’t help.

A very kind friend gave me your ad. I admit, I was sceptical, but we were desperate, so I ordered some scalp cream. From the first application, Dad has had relief. No more wakeful nights and no more itching during the day. Mum thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread!!

So thank you very much. I’m sorry for being a doubting Thomas. I am definitely a convert!



I just wanted to give you some feedback on your MSM Soothing Cream.

I bought it to help soothe my skin during an outbreak of pityriasis rosea. I was told there was nothing I could apply to my skin to make the horrid red spots go away - that general moisurising would help a little and steroid cream would assist the really bad ones. Tried that, didnt work, so I decided to buy your MSM cream. Well I'm convinced - [edited due to regulations*] cream is right! After just 3 uses of your MSM cream the scaly dry red patches have almost completely gone! I was not expecting that! I love your conditioner too - awesome products. Thanks MooGoo!



Hi there, I was writing to congratulate your company on a range of wonderful product. I am a Writer/Journalist, and have been writing about natural health for many years as that is my passion. Having sampled many other products of a similar nature, I have found that those produced by MooGoo are far superior in quality and contain the least additives making them also the simplest commercial products I have tried. As an eczema sufferer I will endeavour to try the entire Moo Goo range of specialty creams.



Hi There, i have been using Moogoo products on my 13 month old daughter ,she had psoriasis from 3mths old covering her entire body. i began using the eczema and psoriasis balm in conjunction with the full udder cream tub. In my opinion your products are the best on the market by far.(and i tried ALOT) i hardly have to use creams on her anymore, and her skin feel fantastic



My 11 yr old son Zac has suffered from gutate psoriasis for the past 4 yrs and has been put through numerous treatments. Including numerous steroids and steroid creams. He is suffering from it very bad in his scalp and none of his creams seem to be working. Last week I purchased some scalp cream from a pharmacy at the changes in the past four days are remarkable. He was crying that he is so happy that we may have finally found a cure. What cream would you suggest he use on his body. He is covered from head to toe with psoriasis so I really need something i can cover him in.. Thankyou very much for this great cream. Many thanks.



I am totally in awe with this product….here is my story;

Last year I was diagnosed with Breast and had to do both Chemo and Radiation. I was already using MooGoo Udder cream which was recommended by a friend. Along came the radiation. The nurses give you all the cream for your boob to stop the dryness, sunburn and the blistering; I thought that I’ll just keep on using what I have MooGoo. The nurse would check my boob every week and commented on how good it looked (no redness or blisters). I remarked on how I was using MooGoo. They told me to keep using it and were that over whelmed, out came the camera and every week they would take photos of my boob. I had also told my oncologist who was also very impressed. By the end of my 6 weeks (30 zaps) of Radiation my Boob looked like it was into the second week of treatment (just starting to get pink). The staff there were so impressed that they are using me as a guinea pig to put there case forward to use MooGoo all the time. Even the Oncologist said that they would have to look into it.


Thankyou from me and my boob.

Ps. The hospital where I received my Radiation was , Toowoomba.



Hi there, My name is melissa and I am an aged carer from hobart.

After suffering from a horrible rash on my hands which nothing else would clear I tried your wonderful Eczma and Psoriasis balm. My hands were cracked and bleeding but now thanks to your delishishly teriffic moo goo they are much better. Which leads me to to the source of my email,Is it available in larger than 120g quantities like a large jar. as my hands just cant get enough of it. Thank you once again for doing what others could not.

Kind Regards.


I have attached pictures of Navarone’s eczema outbreak between Mar 12 and Mar 24, so you can see from one extreme to the other.

As a mum of ten, I do have other children who have a very MILD case of it from time to time, and their daddy too, but nothing ever as bad as this. (Our tenth was born on the tenth of Feb, so he’s just five months old now).

A pharmacy assistant suggested MooGoo to me, and as a mum and a student I was thrilled to see the results. I’ve told 3 Dr’s about this product now! I am so impressed with it. I’ve actually run out and need to buy more, but I am definitely going to BLOG the results!

I have a friend who also swears by your moisturiser, I just haven’t trialled it yet! It’s on the TO DO LIST!

Take care and have a lovely day!

Kind regards
Michelle H QLD


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