MooGoo Natural Tanning Tips

Do you love soft tanned skin without feeling dry and patchy, even in winter? Our Moogoo Brown Cows do. We call it a ‘natural tan’ because we use natural ingredients to give you a beautiful glow without damaging sun exposure.

Here are some of our tips on achieving the perfect natural tan:

1. Preparation is key! Exfoliating your skin will help create an even base for your tan and ensure your tan won’t be patchy. We love our Espresso Exfoliant Coffee Scrub - Mix it with Milk Wash…Milky coffee mmmm!

2. Now is the perfect time for hair removal if that’s your thing- no judgements here, (especially in winter!) Exfoliating before makes hair removal so much sMOOther! We like to do this a couple of hours before tanning so your pores have time to close- this stops your skin from getting red bumps or being itchy later on. 

3. The tanning agent will soak up more colour in areas with excess dead skin or dry skin. Moisturise areas like elbows, knees and backs of heels to add a slight barrier. We usually give this job to our Full Cream Moisturiser - it works wonders!

4. Invest in a good tanning mitt. This will help keep the application even and avoid ending up in a challenging situation trying to wash hands and keep tan dry (the struggle is real). Some savvy herd members have been known to use household gloves or pre-loved socks. 

5. Apply tan to clean skin all over the face and body.  Our How Now Brown Cow Gradual Tanning Cream tanner absorbs fairly quickly, so you won’t be restricted to a naked star-shaped stance in front of your fan. Apply loose clothing and leave on the skin.

6. Gradual tanners pigment the outer layer of the skin and this skin sloughs off over time. This is why we recommend reapplying regularly to maintain your desired colour. We like to exfoliate every week or so and start again.

Gradual Tanning Tips with MooGooGradual Tanning Tips with MooGoo

We must admit we cheated a bit with our tanner. We simply used our Full Cream Moisturiser formula as the base and added two self-tanning ingredients to the formula which are 100% natural. It is packed full of yummy skin repair ingredients and will help with dry skin and keep the application even.

Did you know that the tanning ingredients themselves are naturally derived from glucose and sugar? It's important to be aware of the other things that those tanning ingredients are in! We're proud to use only naturally derived, non-irritating ingredients that are kind and gentle to your skin.

Did we miss any of your favourite tanning tips or is there something you wanted to know about? Let us know in the comments below!