Recently, we caught up with Codie Klein who lives locally and loves MooGoo!

Codie describes herself as a "surfboard swerving, healthy little nerd girl"  Between studying fulltime at Bond University, and travelling around on the world surfing circuit, we'd add "busy" to that description!


1. You’re super busy pursuing your dreams and passions, and you obviously manage all the demands on your time really well. What’s your secret?

Honestly I don’t really know any different as I have always had a lot on my plate but I love and thrive off it. For me the biggest thing is being organised with my food, so I’ll make a few meals at once so I am still eating well and not wasting time stopping for food or making every meal. On a less serious note, I tend to put make up on at red lights and quite regularly costume change in beach car parks. 

2. Is there time for a skincare regimen in among all the things you do?  What is it?

I always have a supply of MooGoo and Dusty Girls products that I leave in my car so if I go from surfing, to training, to uni, my skin isn’t left salty, dry and ugly. The Protein Shot Leave In Conditioner is a godsend for my hair after a surf.

Codie Klein and MooGoo


3. You’ve been using MooGoo products for a while now – if you had to choose, what would be the one product you couldn’t leave home without?

The Full Cream Moisturiser, I can’t go a few hours with out it, my skin is so dry I take it with me everywhere.

4. Women’s surfing seems to be quite glamours these days – is it really like that?

Women’s surfing gets a lot of negative media attention for the sexualisation of the sport. I try not to get caught up in it all. Our uniform is a bikini, and a tan comes as a by-product of the sport. Our job is to paint our own picture on a wave, so naturally its a pretty glamorous sport. On a deeper note, being constantly at mercy to the ocean, it is forever humbling and really tough from a mental perspective. There are so many uncontrollable factors which can really take their toll, and maybe deter a little bit from the overall glamour.

5. When you glam up for an event, how would you describe your makeup look? What are your go-to Dusty Girls products for this?

Glam or no glam I use the Tinted Earth Cream most days as it gives me that light coverage and has the SPF 5 for a little bit of protection. When it comes to a night out, not much changes, I add the Mineral Mascara and I love the Natural Lipsticks .

Codie Klein and MooGoo