New to MooGoo - Where Do I Start?

Welcome to the Herd!  We're MOO-lighted to see you!

Here at MooGoo, we seem to be known best for two things {apart from our fabulous cow puns of course!}.  1. - We've created products that help people who have sensitive, troubled skin, and  2. - we have a reputation for offering an effective alternative for people who want skin care that does what it says and uses the sort of ingredients they would choose if they had the time to make it at home. We often get questions from people in this latter category wondering where to begin!  If that's you, you've come to the right place!

What We Don’t Use.

Have you ever seen “Free From XXX” but then read the ingredients and seen some others that are pretty much the same? With thousands of cosmetic ingredients around it is in some ways pointless to list a couple we are free from here. Now we're not saying a good moisturiser can only be made from herbs and energised, ancient, sacred Swiss spa water. But when we choose ingredients we are looking for a couple of things. “Is this ingredient something I am comfortable putting on my own children?” “Does this ingredient work or is it just hype and gimmick?”

But we don’t expect everyone to have exactly the same opinion as us which is why we are happy to show every ingredient on our website, not just the pretty sounding ones. You can also give us a call or email and ask us why we chose what we did. 


Your Natural Skin & Hair Care Routine Starts Here!


MooGoo Cleanse 

 Cleanse - Milk Wash


We use the term 'gentle' a lot!  We believe skin should be gently cleansed, not stripped of all its natural oils!  We originally formulated it as a face wash - but ultimately popped it in a larger bottle for use all over.  Why shouldn't your body be cleansed gently as well!?  Suitable for the whole family, Milk Wash is one of our most popular products.





MooGoo Moisturise


  Moisturise - Skin Milk Udder Cream


If you're simply looking for a light, natural moisturiser that nourishes your skin without leaving it greasy, Skin Milk Udder Cream is the right choice for you.  And it smells delicious to boot!  We've mixed in lots of our favourite and effective moisturising oils, and includes Milk Protein for additional suppleness and elasticity.  Like Milk Wash, it's suitable for use all over.



MooGoo Hair Care


 Hair Care - Milk Shampoo & Cream Conditioner


Originally created for a MooGoo family member with a particularly itchy scalp, our Milk Shampoo & Cream Conditioner will leave your hair clean and shiny, and your scalp happy and calm!  And if you think the Skin Milk Udder Cream smells good - wait until you smell the Shampoo!  



We recommend these 4 products as an introduction to MooGoo - especially if you're looking to make the switch to gentler, more natural skin and hair products.  We do make some more specialised products as well, including Anti-Ageing Face Creams, Gradual Tanning Cream & high quality, fairly priced Serums (and much more!).  We've found many people like to try the products and get to know us first (and rightly so!).  You can also purchase our Travel Pack, which contains smaller sizes of the Milk Wash, Milk Shampoo & Cream Conditioner - a great way to try before you commit!  OR for those of you who want to go all in - check out our Essen'tails Value Pack.  It contains the essentials above + 2 of our other most popular products! 

Still got questions? Please feel free to comment below, or contact us on Facebook - we love answering your skin care questions! 

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