MooGoo Serums & Oils : A Guide

Everybody's skin is different, and when it comes to a skin care routine there can be thousands of variations.  The principles of healthy skin are simple, so we're lucky to have a good solid range of healthy skin products that our customers can use to create their own beauty routine.  A popular, but sometimes confusing part of this is our range of serums and oils.  To help guide you in adding them to your own beauty routine below is an overview. We'll explain the ingredients, and what studies have shown they assist with.  Most importantly, we've also included feedback from our MooGoo Herd so you can learn from our real-life experts!  

But First - What is a Serum?

A serum is a concentrated dose of active skin care ingredients, designed to give your skin an extra boost!  They're usually applied between your cleanser and moisturiser.  At MooGoo we use healthy oils and natural vitamins in our range.

Because a lot of serums (including MooGoo's) contain anti-oxidant ingredients, we have to be extra careful with how we treat them - there's not much point if they've oxidised before they get to you!

So all our ingredients prone to oxidising are received in packs sealed with nitrogen. We place them in the small serum bottles that minimise both air and light. These are a little less convenient to use than a dropper and more expensive, but worth it in our opinion. An eye dropper bottle will introduce oxygen each time the dropper is pulled and pushed back in. 

How to Apply:

There are no hard and fast rules about applying a serum or oil, although it's generally accepted that they'll be popped on after cleansing and before moisturising.  Some people like to allow the serum to soak in for 10 minutes or so, before applying moisturiser.  If this isn't going to work for you, a really good option is to mix up a couple of pumps of your serum with your moisturiser and apply them together.  The emulsifiers and water in moisturising creams will help the serum penetrate the skin.  (We love MooGoo Anti-Ageing Face Cream!) We suggest playing around a little to see what suits you best!

Your Guide to MooGoo's Serums & Oils

Serums and Oils by MooGoo

Super Vitamin C Serum 

You won't be surprised when we tell you Super Vitamin C Serum is based around...Vitamin C! It is an oil-soluble form of Vitamin C ("Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate"), which is important.  Because our skin has a layer of oil on it for protection, water-soluble Vitamin C does not penetrate very well, unlike the oil-soluble form which dissolves into oil and can, therefore, be more deeply absorbed! 

Known to help with: Pigmentation & sun damage.

MooGoo Super Vit C

Kelly: I use the Vitamin C Serum for my eyes, along with the Anti-Ageing Face Cream. I find this combo makes my skin so much tighter and smoother and reduces my under eye circles (unless my toddlers keep me up at night, no stopping the bags then!).

Sara: I use the Vitamin C Serum under my moisturiser every morning and it feels wonderful and helps any makeup glide on smooth! Looking forward to trying the Evening Primrose & Starflower Oil and the Rosehip now it's back! 

Linda: The Super Vitamin C is very good. I apply it after washing to still wet skin and begin by patting it on and then gently rubbing it in. Very good. Not greasy.


3 Vitamins Serum

Our 3 Vitamins Serum contains 3 powerful topical vitamins, in a base designed to mimic human sebum (your skin's own oil). The Vitamins are Vitamin C (the natural, oil-soluble kind, same as in our Super Vitamin C Serum),  Pro Vitamin B5 and Natural Vitamin E.  Unlike the synthetic form, Natural Vitamin E contains both Alpha and Gamma Tocopherol - and research is starting to suggest that it is the Gamma Tocopherol which provides most benefit to the skin!

Known to help with: Fine Lines, Wrinkles.

MooGoo 3 Vitamins Serum

Monica: I have been using the 3 Vitamins Serum for the very flaky, dry skin on my face (I am looking at YOU, menopause! lol) The skin on my face is so soft now, I am really impressed. I had been trying every moisturiser known to woman, even heavy night creams during the day, and nothing helped but the 3 Vitamins Serum did the trick. It also took away that horrible tight feeling that you get when the skin on your face is really dry. 

Krystal: I use the 3 Vitamins Serum every night. I love it because I feel like it helps my puffiness and bags. I just put a little on my finger tips and rub it around my eyes focusing underneath. If there is any left on my fingers I just put my moisturiser on the same fingers and mix them together before applying

Jayne: Love the 3 Vitamins Serum. I have super sensitive skin and this leaves it smooth, comfortable and moisturised for the whole day, especially when I am stuck in an air conditioned office for work.


100% Certified Organic Rosehip Oil.

Rosa Canina - aka Rosehip Oil is the one and only ingredient in this super popular bottle!  Rosehip oil naturally contains all sorts of anti-oxidants and fatty acids that skin loves.  Again, we're super careful about the way we get this to you and keep it away from air and light as much as possible!

Known to help with: Dry & Ageing skin.  Fine Lines and overall appearance.

MooGoo Rosehip Oil

Nicola: I use the Rosehip Oil it is a lifesaver. I had an operation to my face that left a big scar thankfully Rosehip Oil faded and those that I meet that don't know I had it done cannot tell at all even those that knew struggle to tell

Bree: I love Rosehip, I use it every morning! (I even let my 15-year-old son use it after he has had honey on his face to get rid of his blemishes).

Sarah:  I love Rosehip, I use it at night on my eyes, I swear I can see a reduction in fine lines when I use it. When it is unavailable I use 3 Vitamins in the same way.


Serums Testing Pack MooGoo

Evening Primrose & Starflower Oil

Both Evening Primrose & Starflower (aka Borage) Oils are popularly used in traditional medicine.  Starflower for assisting with skin dryness and irritation, Evening Primrose for general skin health and anti-ageing.  Because Evening Primrose can oxidise quickly (and because it's also good for your skin) we've mixed in Natural Vitamin E to help halt the process.

Known to help with: Dry, Ageing Skin.  Fine Lines & Overall appearance. 

MooGoo Evening Primrose & Starflower Oil

 Kristy: I use the Evening Primrose & Starflower oil. It's so lovely on my face under moisturiser. I also use it on some scars from surgery & it helps with the redness.

Michelle: I do use all of the serums and oils (not at the same time, though !). They are all wonderful but my favourite would be the Evening Primrose and Starflower oil.

Susan: I use the MooGoo Evening Primrose and Starflower Oil as my skin is very fair, dry and super sensitive. It's the only product I've used that doesn't cause my skin to react and I've tried a lot. Thanks, MooGoo, I love your products - all of them.


Cold Pressed Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil comes from the nuts of the Tamanu Fruit - found mainly in the Pacific Islands.  With the strong (some of the Herd love it, some not so much) scent and greenish/yellowish hue, Tamanu can be called an acquired taste!  Studies have shown it helps with the appearance of scar tissue, and is great with Acne-prone skin - so it's definitely a taste worth acquiring!

Known to help with: Acne, scarring, stretch marks.

MooGoo Tamanu Oil

Sophie: I'm a recent Tamanu Oil convert and I actually don't mind the smell. it's really helped with some dryness and pimple scars. My skin is feeling better than it has in a while. 

Jess: I use the Tamanu Oil at night which I absolutely love! My skin glows in the morning.

Michelle: I've been using Tamanu Oil for 4 weeks all over my face after showering. I'm in pregnancy 3rd trimester & found my skin becoming itchy, dry & patches of rosacea appearing. In the last 2 weeks, all the issues are gone! I love the Rosehip Oil & ran out so thought I'd try the Tamanu while the Rosehip was out of stock. Now I'm sticking with Tamanu all the way. It's great under the Anti-Ageing Cream & then I find that's a great base for my makeup.



Still not sure which Serum to go for? (or just want to try them all!).  Check out our Serum Testing Pack.  It contains 4 of our full sized Serums (only Rosehip is missing) at a great price.

You can read lots more comments from our real-life serum experts over on our Facebook Post.   We'd love to hear what you think too - so please comment on the post, or in the comments below!

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