Whats In Your Bag

Some of the Customer Service Herd at MooGoo HQ have developed some serious MooGoo addictions. A peek inside their handbags shows us their particular MooGoo of choice! Luckily, their addictions are natural, non-irritating and leaves them with gorgeous healthy skin!

Katie - The Skin Milk Stasher

Katie won't go anywhere without a tube of Skin Milk Udder Cream in her handbag. "At first, it was just about the smell" she recalls. "I fell in love with the fresh, creamy, vanilla smell straight away". (We use phthalate-free fragrance in our skin care. Phthalates are the components in essential oils that tend to cause reactions. So we found a way to remove that component so we could bring you gorgeous smelling products, with less chance of a reaction!).

Today, Skin Milk is one of Katie's handbag essentials. "I really don't like the feeling of dry skin, so at least once a day I'll moisturise my hands.  It soaks in so quickly and doesn't leave my hands greasy. I spend a lot of time with my stepdaughter and nieces as well. They love to go through my handbag and play with my makeup and skin care. I'm so careful about what ingredients they're using on their skin, but I'm happy for them to use the Skin Milk as much as they like. They're currently really into 'doing their makeup' too, so luckily they'll only find our healthy Dusty Girls make up in my bag."

Kelsey - The Lip Balm Lover

We found a total of 5 Lip Balms in Kelsey's handbag. We won't even mention the ones in her car, desk and dotted around her house! What is it about MooGoo Lip Balm that's caused this addiction? Kelsey explains;

"When I first joined the Herd here at MooGoo HQ, I had a vague idea that 'chemicals' in general were something I wanted to avoid. The more I learned about ingredients during training, the more I started to check the ingredients in all my skin care. So, of course, I replaced my usual lip balm with MooGoo Cow Lick Lip Balm. Over time I really started to love the taste and feel. In the past, I'd really only used Lip Balm if my lips were dry, but I began using it daily because it tasted yum and was really softening. I guess it escalated from there. I don't ever want to be without my lip balm now, so that's why I have them in great quantities, everywhere. Cow Lick is still my favourite, but if I want a hint of colour without wearing lipstick, I'll reach for my Strawberry Tinted Lip Balm. The Tingling Honey is refreshing in the morning, and the SPF is great if I'm at the beach (it's nice and thick so tends to be a bit of a barrier against the wind as well)." 

Perry - The Anti-Bacterial Aficionado

Perry uses the Anti-Bacterial Hand Moisturiser lots - especially on the weekend! Whether he's braving the portaloos at a music festival or enjoying the Great Outdoors, having the Anti-Bacterial on 'hand' makes things cleaner and smoother! He says "When I was at high school, everyone started carrying around those little bottles of hand sanitiser. We all became really germaphobic. I've since learned that using too much Anti-Bacterial sanitiser isn't a good thing for your immune system. The sanitiser I used in the past made my hands feel really dry and tight too. But when there's no easy access to soap and water, having some MooGoo Anti-Bac in my backpack is a lifesaver!" 



Because these 3 MooGoo products are so important to the Customer Service Herd, we were interested to know what you thought?  Are there any MooGoo Essentials you can't live without? Tell us in the comments below. 

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