MooGoo Makeup For Sensitive Skin

We know how tough it can be living with sensitive, irritated skin - that's why our first MooGoo moisturiser was made in the first place. Courtney recently shared her sensitive skin story with us, and it was a reminder that your skin can affect so many aspects of your life. Including the 'simple' pleasure of popping on some makeup that many of us take for granted.

Courtney suffers from extremely sensitive and easily irritated skin. She's also a makeup lover! She has 'spent countless dollars on products claiming to be beneficial and suitable for sensitive skin'. She's also spent 'countless nights crying over my inflamed skin'. 

After using make up


She told us, "Whenever my skin was clear, I'd tempt myself to a hint of foundation, only to pay the price for the next 7 days. I had almost given up complete hope. I'd try new foundations and products and was greeted with that incredibly familiar burn, the one where I knew my skin was tearing itself apart."



During one of those times when her skin was reasonably calm, Courtney tried Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Foundation Powder. As you can imagine, she didn't have much hope. She left it on for a few hours and was "met with nothing but confidence and comfort".

MooGoo MakeUp For Sensitive Skin

Courtney now wears her Dusty Girls Mineral Foundation (her shade is Fair Minerals in Sunset Tones) regularly, and as you can see from the picture she looks absolutely beautiful! Just as importantly, her skin is happy and calm, even after her makeup comes off!  That's exactly why we created our Dusty Girls Makeup range! 

Makeup should enhance the health of your skin, while it's busy enhancing your own natural beauty. So you won't find any nasty synthetic chemicals or preservatives in your Mineral Foundation (Talc, Bismuth and Parabens are just a few commonly found in regular foundation powders), instead you see natural Micas (mineral pigments) which also happen to be water and sweat resistant which means you can get a longer lasting coverage! It's also naturally SPF15.

The Dusty Girls makeup range was created with the same philosophy as MooGoo. We always choose natural over synthetic ingredients, and we search for ingredients that are as non-irritating as possible. With this in mind, if you're a makeup lover who also has sensitive skin like Courtney, it's definitely something we encourage you to try. No one product is going to suit everyone, but Dusty Girls works well for lots of our sensitive beauties x

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