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It seems like the marketing of hair straighteners made curls seem uncool for a little while, but guess what? They're back! Our Curly Haired Herd share pics of their gorgeous curly crowns with us all the time, and there are whole forums devoted to celebrating and sharing knowledge about how to care for curly hair.

The good news is that caring for your curls is not as complicated as we initially thought - we've learned so much about the Curly Girl Method from our curly-haired customers who use a few of our products to help them care for their curls. We've shared links to some handy resources below.  

Here are the 3 basics rules from the curly haired community:


Sodium Laureth Sulphate ("SLS") is a petroleum-based detergent commonly found in commercial shampoos which makes them bubble and lather. SLS can be harsh on the hair, particularly curly hair, which is typically drier and more delicate than straight hair. It can also strip hair of its natural oils and makes dry-prone curly hair even drier, resulting in frizz. Use an SLS-free shampoo to wash your hair thoroughly and remove any build up before switching over to the Curly Girl Method. Use occasionally if you feel you still have some build up on the scalp and roots.

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"Curly hair isn't a trend...It's a lifestyle." says @lozz_sav on Instagram.  "Thank you MooGoo for making my mum's morning so much easier with your awesome products"





'Co-Washing' is an alternative way of washing your hair once you have cut out shampoos that contain SLS. It essentially means washing your hair with conditioner instead. Simply massage the conditioner into the hair and scalp to remove any dirt and build-up. Using conditioner to wash your hair helps to protect it from the harsh effects of sulphates, but also detangles it at the same time. The key here is that the conditioner needs to be free of silicone-based ingredients - words ending with 'conol’ ‘cone’ or ‘xane, such as Dimethicone, Dimethionol, and Cetearyl Methicone.

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Conditioner Washing with MooGoo


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Silicones are found in most conditioners and styling products as they coat the hair to make it feel shiny and smooth, which feels nice, but it doesn't provide the moisture that curly hair actually needs. Silicone-based ingredients tend to build up on the scalp and hair making it feel rough, dull and flat. After co-washing, condition your hair as normal using hydrating silicone-free leave-in conditioners and styling products.

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Karly from @curl_obsessions says "Ever since I started using this leave-in I don't have to add any other products to my hair. Today was a rainy day and I ended up with a little frizz but nothing that had me running for cover. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with dry hair who is wanting a little added moisture."



Another recommendation for the curly-haired crew is to avoid using heat for styling. In time you should find that your curls are healthier, stronger, frizz-free and easier to manage. However, everyone is different and people’s hair will react differently so it's all about trial and error, and what works best for you. 

Our Hair Care Range is suitable for curly hair because it’s free from silicones and SLS, and hydrates the hair using natural oils such as Jojoba Oil.

All of our Hair Care products also contain Milk Protein, which not only helps to protect hair fibres, but also revitalises hair’s natural protective layer.


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