Can I use MooGoo on My Pets?

Our wonderful MooGoo Herd loves to share their MooGoo goodies with their children, family, friends, work colleagues, and sometimes even random strangers on the street (we're so appreciative of this guys!).  So it makes sense that they'd want to share the MooGoo love with their pets as well!   Is MooGoo OK to use on pets?

The short answer is yes, but there's something much more suitable you can use to care for them!  Important:  Don't use any zinc based products (like MooGoo sunscreens) on your pets - zinc is toxic for pets when consumed in large quantities.

We received feedback from customers who tell us they use Milk Shampoo to care for their fur babies, keeping their coats clean & soft, and their skin itch free. MooGoo has been formulated for humans - and after a little research into animal's skin care requirements, we learned that pets have a different pH level from humans. 

So we created products that suit your pets, using our MooGoo philosophy - Dr Zoo! We think using gentle, natural & edible ingredients are just as important with pet products, since pets love to lick anything they can reach! Dr Zoo products are 'Totally Lickable'.

Dr Zoo by MooGoo

You'll notice some similarities to MooGoo products if you check out the range - including our penchant for funny names (we can't help ourselves!). Dr. Zoo makes a Shampoo and Conditioner for Itchy Pets, Irritable Skin Cream for that extra troubled pet skin, and even a Zinc-Free pet sunscreen.  

Dr Zoo Companion of MooGoo

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