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Is MooGoo Organic?

To Be Organic or Not To Be? That is often the question!

Some of the most common questions we get asked are...

Is MooGoo Organic?

by MooGoo Skin Care

Whats In Your Bag

Some of the Customer Service Herd at MooGoo HQ have developed some serious MooGoo addictions. A peek inside their handbags shows us their particular MooGoo of choice! Luckily, their addictions are natural, non-irritating and leaves them with gorgeous healthy skin!

What's In Your Bag?

by MooGoo Skin Care

Care For Your Curls with MooGoo

It seems like the marketing of hair straighteners made curls seem uncool for a little while, but guess what? They're back! Our Curly Haired Herd share pics of their gorgeous curly crowns with us all the time, and there are whole forums devoted to celebrating and sharing knowledge about how to care for curly hair.

MooGoo Serums & Oils: A Guide

Everybody's skin is different, and when it comes to a skin care routine there can be thousands of variations.  The principles of healthy skin are simple, so we're lucky to have a good solid range of healthy skin products that our customers can use to create their own beauty routine.  A popular, but sometimes confusing part of this is our range of serums and oils.  To help guide you in adding them to your own beauty routine, below is an overview. We'll explain the ingredients, and what studies have shown they assist with.  Most importantly, we've also included feedback from our MooGoo Herd so you can learn from our real-life experts!  

MooGoo Q&A With Lauren Patterson

Lauren Patterson is a mother, blogger, fitness competitor and PT Student.   She shares the highs and lows of her life openly and honestly, via her blog and Instagram.  She's as refreshingly real as our MooGoo Herd (and our skin care ingredients!).  We caught up with Lauren recently.

Q & A With Lauren Patterson

by MooGoo Skin Care

MooGoo Moisturiser Which is Right For Me?

 Which MooGoo Moisturiser is right for me?

It's a question we're often asked.  When MooGoo first began (back in 2004) it was an easy answer - Skin Milk Udder Cream!   It's still a very effective moisturiser and one of our most popular products - but these days, the range has expanded to cater for people's preferences and skin types.  Here's an easy guide to help you pick the MooGoo Moisturiser that's right for you!

Where Do I Begin with MooGoo

Welcome to the Herd!  We're MOO-lighted to see you!

Here at MooGoo, we seem to be known best for two things {apart from our fabulous cow puns of course!}.  1. - We've created products that help people who have sensitive, troubled skin, and  2. - we have a reputation for offering an effective alternative for people who want skin care that does what it says and uses the sort of ingredients they would choose if they had the time to make it at home. We often get questions from people in this latter category wondering where to begin!  If that's you, you've come to the right place!

New to MooGoo - Where Do I Start?

by MooGoo Skin Care

Q And A With Brogan Kate

Brogan Kate is a beautiful, talented, young Australian woman whose sense of style and creativity together with her social media savvy and passion have shaped her into the successful business owner of Brogan Kate Intimates that she is today.  The team at MooGoo Skincare and Dusty Girls love her effortlessly chic style, and always enjoy working with her. We caught up with Brogan recently for a quick Q & A.

Q & A With Brogan Kate

by MooGoo Skin Care

Codie Klein and MooGoo

Recently, we caught up with Codie Klein who lives locally and loves MooGoo!

Codie describes herself as a "surfboard swerving, healthy little nerd girl"  Between studying fulltime at Bond University, and travelling around on the world surfing circuit, we'd add "busy" to that description!

Q & A With Codie Klein

by MooGoo Skin Care

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